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This is my second review of my local Western Dental in Ventura, California.

I just remembered of the past bad experiences I had at this same dentist office, and now I am motivated to write about those experiences, to allow others to know what to look out for if ever visiting this dentist office.

The first complaint is about their process of taking x-rays of the patients teeth. The process they use as of 9/11/15 is to use a device that they place into the patients mouth at varying angles all the way around the mouth to get quite a few x-ray images of all of the teeth. The problem is that this device they use has point edges that jab into the sensitive mouth tissue. The x-ray technician places this x-ray device in your mouth and tells you to *** down. How is anyone supposed to easily *** down on something that is jabbing into a sensitive part of the mouth, even to the point of it causing a bit of bleeding in the mouth afterwards. The x-ray device is not very well designed, it should have no pointy edges that could jab into a patients mouth, and it actually has a fairly heavy metal piece connected to it, which makes it necessary to *** down on it quite hard for it to stay in place while the x-ray is being taken.

I would describe my Western Dental experience of having x-rays taken as quite unpleasant.

My next and most unpleasant experience at my local Western Dental, is about the dentist being insensitive to my experiencing pain. On one particular dentist visit, the dentist lady gave me the usual set of shots injecting a local anesthetic at the gum line of the tooth she was going to be drilling on, then to my surprise she began drilling the tooth after only about 1 minute.

I wondered why this dentist did not wait longer for the lidocaine to sufficiently numb the tooth.

As the dentist lady began to drill my tooth this day, she made a comment that if I felt any pain that she would stop and wait longer for the anesthetic to numb the area even more. Immediately when she began drilling the tooth I felt the pain and I had to ask her to stop because of the pain from the tooth not being numb enough yet. It is really unpleasant to have a dentist drill on a tooth that has not yet fully numbed.

Looking back at this experience, I am wondering if it might be considered negligence to begin to drill a patients tooth before waiting long enough for the tooth to become sufficiently numb.

In my experience, if a dentist waits about 5 minutes after injecting the lidocaine before drilling the tooth, then there is really no pain felt during the drilling process.

There is probably even a dental industry suggested amount of waiting time after a local anesthetic injection is administered, before beginning to drill the patients tooth.

My last complaint is what I experienced during my last 2 visits to my local Western Dental office, and this complaint has to do with the wait times when showing up for an appointment.

It would seem like if you call several days ahead and schedule an appointment, then when you show up for the appointment at the scheduled time, it would not be uncommon to expect to be called for your visit not long after the scheduled time.

For some reason, the last two times I went to my appointments at my local Western Dental, I showed up for my appointment on time, they asked me to fill out the usual paperwork, and then I had to wait over an hour before my name was called. This is what you would expect if you were to show up without an appointment and expect to be seen that same day.

Maybe they might be trying to see more patients than the available dentists on hand can easily handle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: X-Ray process is unpleasant.

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That's funny. There are tons of good dentists in California, and you choose to keep returning to this sleazy joint which you complain about all the time. If it is so bad, why don't you change dentists?

@Seasoned Dentist

Makes you wonder why a Seasoned Dentist would waste his time visiting dental reviews and commenting, it would seem like a seasoned dentist would know that some people have Denti-Cal insurance, of which at the moment quite a few dentists in California do not accept this insurance, so that could kind of limits a person's choices.