Atwater, California
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Who's name goes in the small claims paperwork as Defendant. I put the manager name at the Western dental in Merced, ca. That was wrong and my case was put over until I get the right person responsible. Please help. Also I will sign petition to close these people down no question they are a nuisance to society. You may call me if you have the answers. My failing tooth was pulled, but why did they pull two additional teeth? I never received my permanent implant.


Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • Missing 3 Teeth
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Defendant should be named: Western Dental Services, Inc.

If you contact your court's Small Claims Adviser, he or she will give you the information needed on who/where to mail your small claims petition. (All court documents go through a special service that Western Dental has set up.) I just sued them in small claims and won.


I had somewhat the same problem with these people at the merced office. my tooth was pulled after waiting for 4 hrs to see someone.

paid my bill before leaving and 2 months later they send me a bill for an additional 83 bucks. cant get anyone at there toll free # to straighten this out.