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I went to Western Dental in San Jose, CA. I had been experiencing EXTREME pain and needed to

have the tooth pulled. The dentist looked at ALL the X-rays that were taken (2 were even taken on the wrong side of my month). She then pulled the tooth and began to "offer" sugestions as to the rest of my teeth. I paid cash for the visit and then was presented what I believed to be "discharge papers".

The papers were apparently a payment agreement for "on-going treatment".

I never wanted any more work done, my tooth was pulled (for which I paid CASH) and I went home a pain free lady. I've been billed by them for "un-done" work and my credit is *** because of it.

Businesses like this should be flushed down the bowl. Shame on you!

Review about: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

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Yes this company should be shut down. Please contact me so that we can do exactly that.

I have a account using my shesharpshoots name. Please dnt delay. You and I are not the. only ones.

We need to protect the ones that walk thru the doors of this company as the problems are not just centered at your location. This is a company wide policy.

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