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Once again I am dissapointed on your service. I went to Western Dentel in 2006 for a tooth ache. I needed a root canal. They woulnt do anything for the pain and told me that they will contact my Cardioligist to see if the they could the root canal without my comidin. They told me that they will call me the next day after they checked with my doctor. I waited 2 weeks without a call. I finally went to another denist for the root canal. My cardiogist claims he never recieved a phone call from Western Dental. At my visit with you, they tried to sell a several proceedures that I didnt want and once I said no their attitude changed. All I wanted was the root canal. They sent 3 different people trying to sell services! IS this the way you treat your customers? I notice most of your customers are low income and they dont speak much english and they are bullied in to buying services they dont want!!!

So today I had an appointment at 900. The office didnt open until 915. There were several patients waiting outside. When the doors finally opened your employees were bull *** and ignoring the patients. At 935 I was told I needed to fill out paperwork. I told the girl at the counter that I was now running late and she should have told to fill out the paperwork earlier. At that point I just walked out. The way that office is run is unaccecptable! Your office manager needs to be talked to or fired!!! In any business, customers come first!!! You guys need to remember that!!! I will NEVER go to you guys again and I will tell everyone I know not to go to you guys!!! You guys need to work on your customer service skills! If you have any questions I will be happy to talk to you or you can delete this email. The choice is your. Also, I will forward this email to the State about your bait and switch practices and bulling customers who dont know any better.

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I've been having a toothache for days and I called the Western Dental in Santa Cruz to see what they could do since I had braces on and one of my tooth in the back with no brackets or whatsoever is hurting. They told me to call Yuba City Western Dental to have my files transferred to Santa Cruz, I called and the lady said that she would email them my files.

In high hopes to be seen, I called the Santa Cruz office and they haven't received any of my files and told me to call them back at 11:30 to see if my files were in. I called and they haven't received anything, so I asked the lady if I should just come back to town to get it all taken care of, she suggested that would be better. So being the poor college student I am, I bought a bus ticket and a train ticket $88 total roundtrip.

I had just called them earlier to see if I could get an appointment to *** my braces and get my tooth taken care of, but the lady said they can't schedule me an appointment until I have my braces off and that I would have to go in to talk to the Orthodontist side about taking my braces off. I've been traveling in a circle with my tooth pain not taken care of, after I get my braces treatment done, I am never going to Western Dental again.


worst service at western dental folks.


WORST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worst Dentist Ever !!


Went to Western Dental for a cleaning. Was treated like piece of ***.

DO NOT GO THERE. It will cost you more in the long run.


:( had appt 9 am didnt get seen till 945 then both them left while doing my filling to look @ someone else. didnt tell me where they went, 20 mins gone. never go there


I don't know about the dental side but Monique on the Ortho side is the rudest little girl I have ever delt with. You can't miss her she is the one with the ugly mole on her cheek and doesn't smile!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to know where else I can complain about this uneducated, snotty,and disrepectful person?? Our visit to the ortho is usually pleasant with the workers in the back but the front staff need especially Monique needs to learn a few things....if you hate your job so much than quit....pretty simple right??




do not go to yuba city western dental they are ignorant and are retarded i had three fillings and the ignorat dr pulled two of my tetth that were healthy, they said they would pay to put implants in but hey what about my teeth, they need to be shut down


i had a front tooth put in at the yuba city western dental office the retarded dentist droped the glass replacement tooth on the ground, he then kicked it into the hall and one of the assistants picked it up washed it under the faucet then they put in my mouth, i asked them if it was safe, two days later i went to the hospital for a infection in my mouth the time has come for western union , and there east indian staff to go back to india, to pratice


i went to western dental six months ago and had three fillings done today all the fillings fell out great work you rip off artists i now live in arkansas and they told me i had to come back to there office in yuba city california, come on be real i think its time for a lawyer do not go there !!!!!!

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