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Arranged payment to Western Dental only to continue to receive annoying calls. Paid bill in full prior to arranged date of payment.

On arranged date they billed me again. That was August. I have been struggling since to get back $150 overpayment. A new excuse everytime.

It's now October and they just told me another 15 days. Bad front desk, bad workmanship and no cheaper than any other dentist once you factor in time wasted. How can a company have such poor accounting practices in place and survive?? Oh, yeah, they are using our money.

Can we charge interest??

Monetary Loss: $150.

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:( After repeated attempts to contact a patients of theirs Western Dental will not take out phone number off there list. What can we do about it?


Scheduled appointments mean nothing to Western Dental. I was not seen at Fontana & Claremont although I had made appointments.

I believe they are mostly incompetent because I received 2 nasty letters demanding payment with late fees for services I had paid already at the time of service. Now my dental insurance have paid more than anticipated & I am waiting to see if they refund me what I am owed.

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