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I have no credit so I did not know where to turn, the western dental web site said they take people with any credit, I was over joyed that I could get my teeth fixed!, so I went in did the paper work because I was accepted & the prices seem pretty good.

I had simple things done on three teeth, biggest problem with Western Dental is they over book & rush through your teeth, I have been over drilled to the point I am going to have to get root canals on two of the teeth now, which they act like my teeth are just ultra sensitive, after drilling & drilling the nerves are aggravated & each job they have done has been re-done 4 to 5 times!

I have been very understanding, but I have had to return over ten times! I started January 2011 & I am still not done it is 2012 now, I can't afford the root canal's & I really need to sew Western Dental, I have to look into an attorney, to find out if I can sew the office for damages done to my teeth, they make you sign a waiver to settle out of court, hence why they seem not to care that they have made mistakes on my teeth, Please who ever you know guide them away from western dental, it is not worth the money or time.

I believe if you have had similar experiences with western dental as I have, I think we all need to file a class action lawsuit against WESTERN DENTAL.

Please post your stories & the suffering they have done to you, we all have to stop this scam from going on, so post your stories & let us see how many people we can gather to form a group lawsuit

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I am also interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Western Dental, as I to unknowingly fell victim to this "Butcher Shop" that operates under the assumption that it provides quality, specialized dental care at an affordable price, yet preys on people who are otherwise unable to see a dentist due to their inability to afford one. This place is an absolute JOKE.

Western Dental is filled w/a bunch of 'poorly trained, incompetents who do not know what they are doing. They are taking advantage of the disadvantaged by luring them in w/low prices and false hopes, all the while using us a guinea pigs to 'practice on' and to conduct dental experiments. Once the incompetent 'butcher' has performed their 'experiment' (whether the results were a success or a failure) they are done w/you. Which coincides w/what you previously stated, as to why they require all "patients" to sign that contract waiver that releases them from any and all liability, if anything should go wrong.

I went to Western Dental to have two fillings performed on two separate cavities in my rear molars and ended up having to go to an endodontist to have a root canal procedure performed on one of the molars because the *** at WESTERN DENTAL drilled so deeply into my tooth, that he drilled into its pulp, thus permanently destroying my tooth. I also had to go to another dentist after the root canal to have a crown put on. The total cost for this negligence was $3000.00. Not to mention, Western Dental Inc.

has since thrown me into collections and had a lien put against me because I refused to pay them for the shoddy work they performed on me. I told them that they should be paying me for the $3000 dollars I had to to pay to repair the permanent damage that they caused. It is just CRIMINAL that this place is still legally in operation and allowed to treat people in this dispicable fashion, with absolutely no repurcussions. If anyone else has experieneced this type of horrific, unjust treatment at the hands of WESTERN DENTAL, PLEASE COME FORWARD!

This place needs to be held legally responsible for what they are doing to people. Thank You


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