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I recently had to get my wisdom teeth removed at the western dental franchise in el centro, california. some of the employees-the receptionists- were outstandingly kind. the dentist that saw me on my initial visit gave me a FIVE MINUTE teeth cleaning-didn't bother to use flouride, my teeth are still the same as when i went in.

Not to mention I was in their offices waiting for my appointment an hour past the appointment time, then waited in the back in my chair watching the dentist do paperwork and hang out with the nurses. I was sitting ten feet away from him, my husband was trying to manage our two screaming kids and the dentist cared not at all. He "cleaned" my teeth at 7:45 pm. We were the only white people there by the way...interesting.

Then a few weeks later i came in to get my wisdom teeth removed. the 'manager" nurse or whatever took me into the xray room, she said i had to get a panoramic xray. i informed her that i had one the last visit, and i did not want another one because that is the one xray that United Concordia (through triwest) does not cover. she lied at first and said i had not had one, when i insisted that i had, she pulled out the xray and i quote: "it is too light." i said, "well, i do not want to have to pay for another one, i won't do that." she then went and talked with her "manager"(her i think actually hahha) and came back and said there would be no charge.

funny thing is, most places hate triwest and its affiliates and try to find unnecessary things for me to pay for. Dishonest, and greedy, they know we serve their country and to do that is just low. Active Duty Military dependents, i don't recommend this place!

One good thing: I LOVED the dental surgeon who came in to removed my wisdom teeth, he was efficient, professional, and kind...and really charismatic.

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Thank you for the warning, I will mention the BBB as well, great idea! I am so sick of getting ripped off and taken advantage of with my insurance! And believe me, I will not hesitate to contact the BBB if they try to charge me for that xray.


Don't be surprised if you subsequently get a bill for those xrays. Western Dental has very questionable billing practices and I'm battling them over a $952 refund right now. They've given me the runaround for a couple of months but once I mentioned the Better Business Bureau and the Az State ATTY General's office, they changed their tune.

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