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Western Dental sucks. I went in to see them in Aug.

They never got back to me about my wisdom tooth removal. I called them 3 times. I never got an answer from them. No calls or letters, like they said they were going to do.

They would tell me they didnt get a responce from the insurance company for me to wait about 6-8 weeks to see if they got the responce. This last time, a couple days ago, i called them. They were unprofessional so i asked to speak with the supervisor. She(the supervisor) said that it was my fault that it took so long to get an answer(even though i called on multiple occations, waiting and hoping).

I spewed some foul words directed at the supervisor and I demanded an answer. I found out they got their responce 4 days after i went in to see them, back in Aug. I'm just getting my answer, and it is 6-7 months later. I asked for the number to my insurance provider.

I was informed that I wasnt approved because they(Western Dental) didnt take clear enough X-Rays to show, it would be safe enough to get the procedure done. Once that was done, i would have been approved. The insurance company was more helpful than Western Dental. it is an easy fix.

Im going with someone else. I am angery with Western Dental and i will never suggest to anyone, to go there for any type of procedure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for communicating your experience regarding your recent visit to our office. We are very sorry your experience with Western Dental did not meet your expectations and apologize for any frustration this has caused.

We have passed along your feedback to the office manager for further review. Feedback like this allows us to improve the overall care and services we provide our patients. Out of respect for your privacy and HIPAA regulations, we cannot discuss specifics of your visit in this public forum.

However, we would like to learn more about this issue and urge you to connect us at (855) 779-7678 or if you prefer, please send us an email at SMRT@westerndental.com.

Again, thank you for your comments and we hope to hear from you soon.


Patient Care Team


Unfortunately for you guys, this is appearantly an on going experience with not just me. 1friend went in for root canal.

Your guys messed up and the tooth had to be removed. They comolained, nothing happened as a result. And two others went there for basic cavity fillings, within one week the fillings fell out.

They comolained and nothing hapoened. Realistically speaking, i cant wait for someone to sue you guys for malpractice.