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On Dec.1, 2015 after having a tooth removed mutable stitches put in my mouth which I was not notified ahead of time or after. It was until after I got home that I seen the multiple stitches for one tooth pulled.

immediately after the procedure is done but your behind in the seat and the people being around my neck a dental assistant approach me with a clipboard with several forms telling me to the initial was highlighted in sign as I begin to read the forms she became very pushy and saying that I do not have to redo just sign up explain try. I do not sign form without reading them first she really became agitated at this point to clipboard from me along the way as I proceeded to get up another dental assistant another Hispanic lady approached me with the clipboard saying asking me to sign the clipboard I told her I wasn't going to sign nothing without reading it first I wasn't told that they didn't have time for that from me to get some new show inside when I refused and began to read them she then asked the doctor he said let him read it as I proceeded to read one question I always initiate when I got to approximately the third question it said that if I had received a certain for information sheet and have read it completely I didn't told her I'm not saying this one because the fact I haven't gotten anything she then tells me its in the plastic bag sitting right there I thought I would have to read it first before I think she tells me I don't have to as I pointed out that the question says that I have read it in a completely she then began to laugh in my face at that point I began to ask for copies of all the paperwork they gave me a really hard time about that she says sign on first and I will give you the compliment I refused I wasn't giving the copies at this point to gentleman from the front office came to the back to ask me out and all I wanted was just to read the preform to be 5 before I sign them being laughed at when I was pointing out what a form she had to be last night light up consider a professional you know dental office to go to laugh at me because after legitimate question so *** yes I am so pissed right now I'm not sure what to do had I known prior two days earlier does all the complaints about Western dental ave never have went so much do list of saying I will never break their doors again

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I can see why you would be angry, but I wanted to tell you that it's not uncommon to suture after an extraction.......I worked in dentistry for many years and that's how it was done. Quicker healing time


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