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My 3 year old son went in because he chipped his tooth,the general dentist said he had a minor infection,he was prescribed antibiotics,went back one week later saw the children "specialist" she claimed he did not have an infection,my husband and I told her he did since his gum was swollen.She said "no he doesnt" and sent us home.My son was up all night with a toothache,I took him to his doctor the next day and said he still in deed have an infection,he gave us antibiotics but it was too late.My 3 year old has an abscess on his gum and now has to get his front tooth extracted!Western Dental referred me to Loma Linda hospital who wouldnt take him because they dont accept Western Dental insurance,I tried getting a referral for someone who would and they wouldnt give it to us.I called corporate and they said it would take 3 weeks!Western Dental has the worse service & very negligent doctors!

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this is absolutely BS. I know what you are going thru as I went through it with my 7 yr old baby girl.

Please let me help you. I am not an attorney but I do have some information for you that I can not type in this public forum.

I do however have A LINE TO YOUR FIX.

I can be contacted using the same username in this post shesharpshoots to a account. I know exactly what is going on and I can help you.

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