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Update by user Nov 21, 2017

Ps: Whoever has written the "recap" of my initial account has added that I am seeking a full refund. That has never been the case.

I have only EVER wished for them to be accountable for the substandard services that were performed. I have always been willing to pay for the services rendered in which no damages occurred, and I have only ever sought for them to be accountable for what they have done to me. I am an honest person, and I have had no prior issues with my credit, until I went to this awful, inhumane company period!

And there isn't a thing I can do about it now. It's a sickening feeling.

Update by user Nov 21, 2017

I have finally saved up enough money to replace my ill-fitting crown that had left me with an uneven bite for over 3 years now, and get some other dental work done from my new dentist. The Western Dental office, mine was on Soto Street in Los Angeles, has caused me so much unnecessary pain and anguish.

Guess what was found under the ill-fitting crown they tried to force fit into my mouth? DECAY. I am extremely lucky I did not lose my tooth entirely. If I had waited any longer, the tooth could not have been saved.

A bill for thousands of dollars remains on my credit because I refuse to pay for a so-called business butchering me as they have done. It makes me so angry that they would post a response here telling me to "call them so they can work it out". That is utter ***. I tried again and again to work with them on this matter, and receive some compensation.

I was willing to pay for part of the bill. There are treatments I was charged for and never returned to have the services done. I called and wrote their corporate offices several times. Each time, they send you a form letter claiming to look into the issue, which takes up to 6 MONTHS to receive a response.

I took them to the Dental Board, who said "because they have no record of previous malpractice" nothing can be done, but they would keep my complaint "on file." This process took almost a year to receive this response. I called and wrote to receive my dental records and appointment times so that I could file a small claims case. They ignored me. Those records are legally mine.

I took them to the Better Business Bureau to receive my records. They even ignored that. I had to call the Dental Board, who had examined the case initially, to finally sent MY records to me. Guess what?

The case, after trying to settle it without sueing, was now past the point at which I could file a case and hold them accountable for damages. This must be the reason they wait so long for a determination when you try to resolve a problem with them. I don't know how a company who is supposed to be responsible for a person's health can get away with this. Clearly if dental procedures are not done correctly, it causes pain and further problems in the future.

They have cost me thousands of dollars to repair the "work" I had done there. To find decay under the crown they put in, after having to return twice for imprints and still could not receive a crown that fit, and multiple appointments after that so they could try to "make it" fit? I have to say, I am thoroughly disgusted. They continue to get away with causing me pain and damage (imagine, alone, having an uneven bite for three years, and only being able to chew on the right side of your mouth because it is too painful otherwise).

They continue to drain me because this is the only bad thing on my credit. They have ruined my credit score. Yes, it was my decision not to pay for their "services", but again, I asked only for a removal of all costs relating to this crown, the removal of teeth cleaning services I had never received, and deduction on the crown lengthening procedure done by Periodontist Dr. Li.

This woman is supposed to be a specialist in her field. I have never received any type of "care" in such a graceless, and unprofessional manner. Not only is her skill questionable, she makes her disgust for people absolutely clear. I have never felt so violated in supposed professional care, EVER.

Even her work was shoddy with my stitches coming out the next day, and having to heal with a painful, gaping hole in my mouth; and returning several times being told there was nothing further to be done. I was and still am willing to pay for the other root canal and crown, which they were able to accomplish. They do not care. They are absolutely uninterested in you once you have signed on that dotted line and they get paid.

They would much rather just write off the debt, and probably collect insurance on the "loss", etc. Because they are a horrible company that does hold itself accountable, and they do not care about the health and happiness of their patients. Please learn from my mistake. I went because I was in pain and I had no choice due to financial struggles at that time.

If I could do it again, I would have gone to an ethical doctor, and paid more to finance the surgery. Now that my credit is ruined due to this mistake, I'm not sure what option I would have had. I do know one thing: when I receive a call or a letter from collections in this matter, I tell them I DO wish to reconcile this debt, but I will only accept terms from Western Dental. THEY must be held accountable instead of selling the debt.

I will NEVER pay for health services which have caused me mental and physical pain. I have had to pay to fix the damages they have caused me, and to find decay under this problematic crown they forced into my mouth? Again, I cannot comprehend how this company gets away with it. Do NOT waste time in trying to work with them.

They do not care, and you will be ignored. Start legal proceedings just as quickly as you can.

Sincerely, Jessica O. Collins

Original review posted by user Sep 25, 2016

I went to WD to and had the worst dental experience of my life. I had two root canals and a crown lengthening procedure. I had over 15 appointments and they still could not fix the problem, and I remain with two crowns that are temp glued in and one of them does not fit at all, it was jam forced into a space too small and does not match the color of my teeth, and I cannot chew on my left side. Not only are they dangerously unskilled to be doing ANY sort of real dental work on people, I have never been treated so awfully as I was by this woman Dr. Li who is the periodontist who comes in only once a month, and who did the crown lengthen surgery. She was extremely careless and cruel and performed the surgery in the most painful way possible. I've truly never been so horrified at a supposed professional's manner and competence. After the pain and suffering they put my through I finally just said no more. TWICE they imprinted my teeth for a crown, and TWICE those crowns did not fit.

I finally had to go to another dentist and pay to have him file the most ill-fitting crown down and have him examine what was done to me. He asked if I had gone to a "butcher shop" to have these procedures done. I have to save to try and get this crown replaced by someone who actually knows what they are doing, and meanwhile the bill was put onto my credit and is being reported as a negative on my credit report, because I refuse to pay for what they have done to me. I filed charges with the Dental Board who basically said: "there are no other records of complaints filed about this office. Until there are we can't do anything. We will let you know if anything develops further." I tried several times to get my dental records from them and they ignored me. I even filed a case with the better business bureau for refusal to give me my dental records which legally belong to me, and they ignored that, leaving a negative on their status with the BBB and they don't care. I finally contacted the Dental Board again and told them I could not get them to send me a copy of my records, and the DB actually sent them.

I'm not sure how to pursue legal action toward them as they of course deal exclusively with people who cannot afford care, so you end up going to them in hopes you can make payments for the work you need done and then they butcher you. I think they count on the fact that you won't have money, so they shrug off any responsibility for how awful they are, and count on you not being able to sue or do anything about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Crown Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Western Dental Cons: Unecessary pain, Excessive appointments, Periodontist cruel manner, Two imprints couldnt get fitted crowns, Completely ignored requests for my dental records.

  • Horrible customer experience
  • Western Dental Rip Off
  • unnecessary roughness
  • Western Dental Rude Doctors
  • Broken Teeth
  • Stitches Came Out
  • Western Dental Sue
  • crown lengthening
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That is not true! You are lying!

I have written to you over and over. I have sent photos. I have letters from you refusing to take any responsibility. I waited months to hear back you.

You did NOTHING.

Dental Board did NOTHING. I wrote for my records: NOTHING. Took you to the BBB to get my records: NOTHING.

Well now I have them. The dental board finally sent them to me.

And now I finally realize, You are the only people left on there mucking up my credit. I have to pay you.

AND pay someone else to fix what you did. And what are you going to do, I can go back there while you fix it?! After 15 appointments?? After you drilled my teeth and did not cap them.

Teeth breaking off in my mouth. Caps, both of them, fell off in two days. Stitches coming out two weeks before they were supposed to leaving a gaping hole. And a painful and cruel surgery.

That horrible woman! It took over a year for that to not hurt, because you didn't want to stitch it up again. So I suffered with an open hole in my gum. Two sets of imprints and two sets of crowns that don't fit, and a crown jammed into a too small space, she needed a plier to get it out.

I asked several times for you to please adjust this bill. I even said I would still pay for services that were done correctly. But you needed to adjust the charges, remove the charge for this bad crown. Adjust the charge, for that awful operation from that awful awful joke of a surgeon for the things she did, her manner, and the things she said to me.

*Shudder* And to REMOVE the teeth clean that you didn't perform. But you said no. You want me to call so you can adjust the bill?? No.

You're going to say again you'll "fix" it. In other words, you're going to do nothing. I went back too many times already, and you could not fix it.

I could have been in and out of there in minimal pain and minimal visits. If I didn't go to Western Dental!