I had to deal with Western Dental's Grievance Department for over 6 months. I was writing letters to the grievance department in 2009 that I wanted a refund and could not accept the upper denture they made for me to go along with the lower denture I came in with.

The denture(s) didn't feel right, look right, and they made me kinda gag when the upper denture was put in mouth. They decided to make a whole new set of dentures using my $750.00 dollars of credit on their books instead of giving me a refund as requested. In 4/2010 I asked for a refund because I never took an upper denture, but they refused to cooperate.

Western Dental is fraudulant especially when a person just wants a refund for a denture or dentures they could not accept.

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My Complaint letter: I went in on a "walk-in" basis today to the Vallejo office due to my wisdom tooth being in severe pain and chipping. I was there for an hour in a half doing the x-rays and the normal exam.

After I was done the Doctor told me I the work that needed to be done. I then was approached by the person to give me the consultation on payment plans and so forth. I was happy with the price of everything and extremely happy that I would be able to get the work done and pay on a payment plan. The problem that I had was after I was presented with the payment plan she said that today I would need to pay $150, they would do half of my filings and then Tuesday I would pay another $150 and they would do the extractions and then $105/month after that.

I tried to explain to her that I would need to schedule the appointment out a week or two because it is the first of the month and my bills take priority over my teeth right now. Next week would have been perfectly fine but I wasn't prepared to lay down three hundred dollars (four hundred which includes the $99 I gave them today) without factoring it into my budget. She tried to explain to me Tuesday was when the "Specialist" would be in and so Tuesday would be when I would need to get the extractions. I told her no yet again and asked if I could set another date.

She walked away and then came back and said that they could do $60 today and then $60 on Tuesday, to have them pulled on Tuesday. I said okay that would be fine. I asked if I could get a pain medication to hold me over until Tuesday though. She walked away and came back again and said they would be able to pull my teeth today.

I said absolutely not. She asked why. I said because I was alone and didn't feel comfortable being by myself having teeth pulled. She said that no one could be with me while I was having it done anyway.

I told her that's fine but again, I don't care if they are sitting in the car I didn't want to be alone. Then the other Doctor came over and told me then the only thing she could give me was a prescription for Motrin. The only way they would give me pain medication is if I had the teeth pulled. By this time there were three to four people standing around me asking me why I couldn't have them pulled today.

I felt extremely uncomfortable and needed to get out of there as soon as possible. Yes, I was (and still am) in excruciating pain and was upset that all they could give me was Motrin until Tuesday, but on top of that I felt pressured into having work done that made me uncomfortable to have done by myself. I live alone and was not okay with having teeth pulled and then driving home alone. This happened at about four o'clock and I hadn't eaten anything since 6pm yesterday because of the pain that I've been in from my tooth.

And if I had teeth pulled I knew I wouldn't be able to eat any time soon. On top of that, I didn’t want to take pain medication with not having eaten anything. I ended up standing up out of the chair and walking out because I got so upset that they were being so forceful to have my teeth pulled today and not caring that it made me uncomfortable. Why I couldn't be accommodated for the Tuesday appointment I don't understand.

I can understand not wanting to issue out pain medicine freely and so forth, but half of my lower tooth chipped off and I was going to pay today for my appointment on Tuesday. I was shaking when I left because I was so upset at how insensitive and forceful they were being.

Now the problem that I have is that I am still in extreme pain and have no solution because I am intimidated on going back to that office. I appreciate the fact that Western Dental is willing to make sure that my teeth are fixed and making it affordable, but now I'm stuck in a position that I would rather pay more money to a private practice because of the way that I was treated at this facility.


I recieved very bad service from Western Dental here in palm springs, CA. they were going to cap a tooth and so I was ok with that, but the tooth was hurting the next night and couldn't sleep, so went back in and they checked it and said it would need to be pulled, I was thinking don't these ppl know what they are doing, cause I have been to numerous dentists, this is the first one that said umm there is nothing I can do.

So I am in some serious pain the worst, luckily I had a pain med dr. cause I had to take Norco for it. So I had one arch cleaned and 1 tooth pulled, that is all I think they did, at least from what I remember, then a couple of months later I have bill collector's calling me and you know how rude and name calling they can get. So I called them and told Western Dental that they needed to give me an itemized bill so I can look at it, they also said they put in a filling, which they didn't.

So now I am being billed for things that they didn't do. So I call the lady in the office back and she goes why don't you come back in and we will get you back there with the dentist. I was like *** no I have a new dentist, that stuff before scared me enough not to go there. Just because a business says you owe them money don't make it so.

So I made a report to the BBB. see what they can do. They only did a little bit of work, cleaned one arch, pulled 1 tooth, and the rest they couldn't do, cause I got the tooth pulled. The new dentist told me never to go there, that type of stuff happens.

I was rather sad for them, cause the girls there were polite and nice. It was one of the worst dental experiences I have had. I will never go back there again, the first thing they do is to look at your insurance and do the things on there that make them more money instead of doing what the patient wants. My insurance company paid out $720.00, and I paid $100.00 on my first visit, to me that sounds like more then enough to pay for what they did.

oh they also gave me like 30 xrays, like they didn't know what they were doing, I thought I would glow on my way out.

I just wish people would be honest with you upfront and explain what they are doing, I would have been ok with it, but when they screwed up my tooth by really drilling it, there wasn't much I could do except get on pain pills til I find a dentist who will take me in quick, so I did the next day and he pulled it and he said yeah that tooth needed to be pulled not have a crown on it. That's it my nightmare with western dental and still going.


Western Dental "a big one" means that they are the worst and largest dental company in the United States that gives the worst, unreliable, and awful service that I have ever seen. There "Grievance Department" is not user friendly but takes advantage of those patients in a variety of ways like not giving refunds for products never purchased by the consumer.

They cover up shady dental work or they continue to munipulate the patient and several ways. Thats why they suck the big one.

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