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I went recently to the Western Dental on Farmers Ln. in Santa Rosa. It is the worst dental experience I have ever had. I got an abscess and went to the dentist right away. I don't' have dental insurance anymore and I needed to see someone quick as my mouth was in so much pain.

I was glad they were able to see me the same day. I was seen 30 minutes after my appointment time, but whatever. The girl who took my x-rays had to do it at least 12times. Then they took me to a small, depressing room. I waited and saw some guy. The first thing he says to me is "So what would you like done today?" I just stared at him like "are you serious!!". After the exam, he told me I needed 13 cavities filled, and all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed! They had a printout of my bill before I was even done with my exam.

They tried to scare me into getting 13 fillings by saying my teeth are still able to be saved. What the dentist told me conflicted with what the office manager told me. I told the boss lady that I am very busy with work and school. She advised me to go back the next day and wait until they were able to see me because I would not have an appointment. That day they called and told me I had an appointment at 2pm. I called back to tell them I had made no such appointment and that the information they told me was inaccurate and that I would also be seeking a 2nd opinion from a REAL DENTIST.

So today I went to my regular dentist who is expensive. He told me I have 1 cavity that will need a filling and I only need 1 wisdom tooth removed.

I hate Western Dental. I will tell everyone I know never to go there. I don't like receiving low class treatment or service.

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