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Apontement at 430 show up to standing room only.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well, when it comes to denti cal insurance you kind of have no other choice unless you're a little kid. That being said if you can get to another western dental I'd recommend that, even though my experience with this company hasn't ever been great.

But this one in elk grove is a joke! In refusing to show or explain what or which teeth will be worked on is completely non existent. In my experience none of the workers even introduced themselves other than the secretarial workers, one dentist asked me what it was supposed to mean when I'd introduced myself. Pretty bizarre...

One lady filled my two front teeth together leaving no gap, who has to floss right? Told me I stunk and it was unpleasant, this same so called dentist asked my husband if he could stop his face from twitching. After he'd told her he has a neurological disease, trigeminal neuralgia well before any work needed to be done. She kept telling him to stop doing it, that it bothered her and didn't understand why he couldn't control this twitching.she was also more interested in Ellen on t.v.

wanting him to just stop moving his face so she could finish and enjoy her television program. One dentist told me I needed a crown on a top tooth, the other dentist i saw said I didn't need it but needed one on a bottom tooth at the same clinic.The only nice experience was the woman who did the dental cleaning. They show you no x rays, just printed numbers as if anyone other than a dentist knows those codes. No mirror pointing out problems nothing, it's all based on trust which with western dental good luck!

Especially this place. My first time visiting the lady dentist rolled her eyes, huffing and puffing, complaining and yelling at employees and myself because God forbid she had to do her job. So good luck people, beware and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. P.s.

they tell everyone you need a deep cleaning, and don't do it. Once I believed them called around and got a better price per tooth and low and behold this private clinic said you don't need a deep cleaning.

Especially if no measurements are performed in the gums it's pretty obvious that they're lying. Shady shady shady...