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My son is a college student living away from home. He attends Cal Maritime Academy and our home is in Washington State.

He noticed a dark spot on his tooth and needed to get into see a dentist while at school. He noticed this nice clean looking building of Western Dental On Sonoma Blvd near Vallejo. We wanted him to go to a clean professional establishment as he is not from the area. I went online and found the website and contacted them.

I should have know right from the begining when the person booking the appointment was inept. She was unprofessional, kept getting my information wrong and did not call me back as I had requested with confirmation that my insurance will cover him out of state. After three calls, the appointment was set, insurance confirmed (she said) and they directed me to the necessary paperwork that needed to be completed and brought in with him to his appointment. The day of the appointment, I faxed the paperwork to the office of his appointment and called to confirm receipt and asked if there was anything furhter that they needed.

The person was very confused that I was sending it to them..... Again, I should have read the signs of ineptness.... My son arrived 10 minutes early for his appointment time and they said he had paperwork to complete.. He began trying to complete it, gave up and called me.

I told him I had already completed the paperwork. I asked him to give the phone to the person at the front desk. I explained to her I had already taken care of this and she said there was additional paperwork. Back and forth with her to find, she is *** and cannot form sentances....

I said fine, fax me the forms and I will complete them and sign them... She had issue with that, finally got the office manager on the phone, it went from bad to worse... She was worse than the receptionist. On and on this went...

Finally, my son gave up and completed the paperwork. Finally 30 minutes later, ge goes in for the exam and exrays to be told he has 10 cavities (NO WAY), possible root canal and he needs to have his built in retainer (our ortho put in 4 years earlier and said to keep in for life) removed so they could do the work. of course, they could not do this, but their ortho could.... My son had to walk over to their own ortho office to find out that NO, they cannot remove unless they put it in.

They could remove it, if he paid $450 for a removable retainer... Do you see where this is going... So, the long and short of this story... They are saying he needs a bunch of work he does not need.

I am going to fly him home to Washington to go to our family dentist. He will confirm the work that is really required and I will be happy to send proof my son did not need this work in the first place. I believe he has one cavity....

He was just at our dentist the prior year. I think Western Dental is a Scam!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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:( :eek :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :) :) :) :) :) :grin :grin :grin :grin ;) ;) ;) 8) 8) 8) 8) :p :p :p :sigh :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :roll :roll :? :? :cry :cry :( :( :x :x


stop lying western dental is so cool its like their TRUE title WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU TEETH WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PAIN 8) :) :grin 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


Well I just got back from Western. I didn't see a dentist.

I had a 4:00 pm apt. I was there 3:45 put in a chair at 4> I did get to pay my bill, but no one worked on me. I finally walked out at 5:45.

This was the second time I spent so much time 1 to 1 1/2 hrs and I;m not going back. :(

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