Western Dental Orthodontis is the worst place any one can go to. They rob and take advantage of the poor.

Every appointment is rediculous. Plan on waiting a half an hour if not more to be seen not to mention the time you have to wait once you get inside. The time wasted waiting in there is money thrown away. Not to mention they never have just one orthodontis to see you.

They have several orthodontis who have different opinions on your treatment which will progress your treatment. One orthodontis told me i needed 8 teeth pulled out so i had them pulled the next orthodontis than said i only needed 4 teeth pulled out. You can imagine i was pissed off. I had my brackets repositions and removed beacuse they couldn't make up there minds.

The pain i endure because of their stupidity. Calling the coporate office does no good.

I wish there was a way to exploit there bad services.

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I agree worst place to go! My daughter was waiting in the room with her mouth open for over one hour when they come out to tell me they offer looked the plan & she'll need to have one tooth extracted...

They made another mistake.

They were looking at the wrong chart! Next visit they inform me that they glued on the brackets without competing the filling that was needed so they have to remove the bracket & set another appointment to complete the filling then another one to start the wiring


i hate western dental with a passion they are horrible. I go to them for my braces.

every time i go i dread it so much because i know im just going to go to sit in the front office for 45 minutes to wait to be called back so ii can wait 30 minutes before anyone even works on me!

and they always have 6 patients back here and one doctor! they do have nurses but the doctor has to approve most things so it takes forever and a few months its horrible and i desperately wish i had the chance to go somewhere else but i cant and it was one of the worst mistakes of my life so if i were u dont make my mistake and go to western dental im warning you now because if you do you will end up regreting it alot.


Alright. SO I recently went to Western Dental.

The people where nice and becasue of the paper work, I guess It took me long to do. I am currently going to a new Western Dental in North Hollywood, and so far, there isn't really an bad comments I guess becuase its new. They are charging me $3,900 including everything with retainer, molds, x-rays, braces, ect. And they want $50 as an enrollment fee.

The doctor said I needed to have 4 teeth pulled out, or surgery cuz of my overbite but then she said that you'll look terrible and look way older. So she said that she'll be giving rubber bands. The other doctor who had much more experience said that I just need rubber bands. They also said they don't use the new Damon braces.

Should I go or not? I have like a weak and idk what to do. It is of course hard for us. Oh and they are charging $95 a month.

Should I Do it?? I only heard bad comments but they weren't about ortho and if they where, they where about the payments and thee fact that they didn't pay or something. SHould I or not??

Did the company change at all? :cry :sigh


:) :) :) :) :) :)


Western Dental is one of the few offices that I know give you the opportunity to do a zero down payment and monthly payments on any of their dental including ortho treatment. So anyone that is complaining should really think about it.

And if you are complaining about paymnets or somethig like that, its because indeed you didnt make your payment. I have not had any issues with western dental.

All of it has been nothing but great experience. So please grow up and start spending your time on putting down companies that all they want to do is help those ppl that are in the low income side!!!!


I had the same problem and I'm still trying to figure out what to do. It's been almost a year since I was seen and when I tried to get them off in Febuary I drove two hours to get there only to be told i needed the full 600.00 (retainer and removal) up front.

On the phone I was told different! Western Dental has been a nightmare the Indian School office in Phoenix is an awful place!! Go somewhere else.

When I started there I had too many teeth, had 8 teeth removed and now I need two false teeth to fill the gap and the orthodontisit wanted to pull one more. They should be shut down!!


I have had only one experience with Western in Arizona. We went there because my step daughter had been two with her braces after her father had them put on in California.

We took her to a Western Dental office because she had started with a Western Dental office. It seems that each office is independent and transfer of care cost 130.00. It seemed rediculous to me. We were ushered to a small office and given our options.

We could have the braces removed for $200+130 for the records or start all over for only $3800. Insurance didn't cover. Well, you can well imagine that my step daughter just wanted them off. Then we had to get a retainer for 350.00.

I have to say that in the office we went to, it was like a revolving door. I would say a lot of Medicaid patients. Many didn't speak English. There was not privacy in the actual dentist offices.

Dental chairs all in a line.

As far as I am concerned they are running a scam. See a regular orthodontics, you get better care and you will see the same doctor thoughout your treatment.


So how do you get them back for the mistakes. Missing 4 teeth is a big deal and *** expensive to replace.

I was pissed after they just ground my teeth without needing to.

There should be some way to have them get back what was lost. Changing Orthodontist is no excuse for someone shoddy work.

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What you commented here can happen in any busy orthodontic office. It's a pity that there was no continuity in your care since your orthodontist changed so frequently.

But repositioning your orthodontic brackets is part of a normal treatment and you should be glad that it's been done. At least the orthodontist was thinking about your on-going treatment!

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