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Do not go to this or any location. I have twins with dental insurance.

One twin had a procedure done that was completely covered by ins. Weeks later, I took the other twin in for exact same procedure for exact same reason but this time insurance didn't cover it which they tell me after the procedure was almost complete. What? How can this be?

They made it clear to me that I couldn't just walk out. So, I insisted that the office apply a credit I had on the books to the down payment on this contract which at first, they also refused but I had to pay $7.00 extra. I complied with the intension of fighting it later. But the office NEVER APPLIED THE CREDIT TO THE CONTRACT.

3 days later, early Saturday morning, I get a collection call thanking me for my $7.00 payment but now wanting the rest. However the very day after the procedure on my daughter, I immediately requested the dental records where at first I was denied. But after I told them that was against the law, they still didn't fully comply. But I filed the grievence immediately the same day the event took place with WD Corp.

Day after I requested medical records, they sent me a letter Terminating my care, and the care of only the children I requested the dental records for. I did my best to bring this situation to a successful conclusion by thinking this was just an isolated "rouge" office, but then realized that the termination letter came from Corporate. Can you believe that the State of California gave these people a contract to work on children knowing Full well that WD has done this and so much more in the past. The ortho office manager knows exactly what all of us have been put through by the company he works for but his reply was this "but we see 60 thousand people a month".

So the distruction, abuse to our children and our mothers and fathers, the threating letters, the destruction of our credit needlessly (because we paid the bill in the first place), etc is excusable because they see 60 thousand people a month. Remember that Western Dental Employee Frame of Mind when you submit your complaints.

If enough of us get together, we can put an end to this Companies MADDNESS!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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:cry I have now also been advised to make a report with the authorities. :sigh

I will not allow another child or some one that doesn't realize that they are being scamed or hurt to go through ANY PART of what this company has put me through.

Trust me :? When you really are a good company, you don't need to take advantage of people to become successful, because honesty & integrity would have done that for you if you would have implemented an INTEGRITY driven business model. 8)

You know, it is pretty sad. Because even though you use the *** out of these mostly "just out of school" doctors, they still get a chance to really work immediately out of school. But instead of being the example of good ethics and standards, they begin their career learning the wrong example.

I am going to work closely with others to put you out of the Government child care, elderly and indigent care contract business.

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