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My wife went to the Western Dental in Yuba City for a routine check up and cleaning. After about 3 hours of waiting (she had an appointment) she finally got in a chair.

The dentist, whom did not say more that 5 words to her the entire session cleaned, drilled, and filled a couple of cavities. When she raised her hand in pain "he responded with a broken African accent, "Rebecca, it's just one tooth" Whatever that meant I'm not sure? Mind you, my wife has a great smile. She flosses every day, and brushes in the morning and before she goes to bed.

She was also advised that she needed her wisdom teeth pulled and was given a prescription of Vicodin for pain. All seemed normal for the rest of the night until one of the fillings fell out. The next morning, she woke up and her entire face was swollen and she was in great pain. I called Western Dental and told me that she could try to come in and wait but she might not get seen.

I responded with "your dentist did a crappy job on my wife, and she's in pain but she might not get seen?" The receptionist replied "there is nothing we can do." Angry but rational, we waited a day. She woke up the next morning even more swollen, even more in pain, and starving because she hasn't eaten anything in 2 days. I decided to call the corporate office of Western Dental. The "patient relations" person suggested that she should go to the emergency room for the pain but made no attempts to "resolve" the missing filling issue.

I asked her who is going to be liable for this situation and she responded with "if there was a cavity then it's not their fault" So, after hearing that, and realizing that they do not give a *** about Rebecca, I told them the next call would be to a lawyer. She giggled, said ok and to have a nice day.

The better business bureau suggested I contact a laywer as well. DO NOT GO TO WESTERN DENTAL!!!

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no I won't!

I just cancelled my appt.


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