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Western Dental Murrieta assaulted my son! My son had an appointment here today.

When we saw the dentist (Dr. Fayoumi) he started cussing and screaming at us. He called me foul names for no reason, I've never seen this man in my life. Then he threatened my son and struck him.

We left immediately and told the office manager what happened.(Who by the way looked like a Chola) She started cursing at us and threw a stapler at me. What the ***! These people are really CRAZY!!!

They need to be shut down. I have filed several complaints.

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Your location says that you live in Los Angeles, which is about a 2 hour drive from Murrieta. I highly doubt you drove that far to visit a western dental when there are multiple offices in the LA area that are much closer. And if this was true you would be talking to police officers and lawyers, instead *** about it on a *** blog.


Their work sucks!! ,,, really and yes the office staff make me feel like i'm in Mexico!ugly


if anyone did that to my kids I would call the cops and have them immediately arrested and file a police repor, I would take my smartphone and I would video tape everything and I would ask a court for a subpoena for western dental videos


I must say, I have had nothing but a great experience (sp) when I have had my treatments done at the office in Murrieta. They have been nothing but professional.

And to the lady who says she was attacked. I see no verbage of you contacting the police about your situation.

Surely, you would have done so with the type of actions you have mentioned. At the end of the day, you reap what you sow.



Final thought

You have posted on any and every complaint against this company in recent history and seem to claim each and every same complaint has also happened to you? Coincidence?!?!



Exactly which dentist office did this happen to your babies at, assuming that it happened at all, there are MANY dental offices?!

As expected I see you have nothing better to do than continue to pick at this lie that is posted. I gather you my dear are the same woman who posted the original comment and just added another under a different name;) I am not claiming this *** doesn't happen I am claiming this stuff does not happen at this office and that is a fact. If you can PROVE otherwise than I encourage you to do so, but I know you can't so end this crazy talk. And I can guarantee you I am neither under paid nor a blog troll, quite the opposite. If you are somehow not the same woman who made the original post you are definitely made for each other. Furthermore and then I will not comment again, I will continue to seek treatment at this office along with my children and will post great reviews where I can because I too have had bad experiences at other dental offices(although by bad nothing like the lies that are here, more just lack of customer service), but not this office and will write a good review where I can because it took me a while to find a dentist I could trust and these people have always given my family good care.



So what position do you hol with the company. Because I doubt you are a patient. This *** does happen and judging from MY investigations, you are either one of the few or one of the under-paid company bolg trolls who's job is to post "that's a lie" comments.

This also happened to my babies.


This story sounds bogus. I'm pretty sure the office manager is white(hardly looks like a chola) and there are plenty of patients and staff always around that would have witnessed this if it actually happened and there are 0 complaints other than yours of assault for this Dentist and office manager upon my research.

I have gone to this office for a couple years without any problems and know this could never happen. For the sake of yourself and your child spend time with him not on here fabricating stories.


Wow! Really?

I've already contacted the regional manager, Consumer affairs and the American Dental Assoc. I am also planning to call my attorney and write a letter to the editor of the Daily Press.


Western dental has also asulted my 8 yr old twin girls. Yes, both of them.

You and I need to talk. You also need to file assult charges against both the Dr.

And the office mgr for throwing the stapler at you.

I have a shesharpshoots gmail account. Please use it immediately

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