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got talked into buying a "plan" just to get my wisdom teeth pulled, paid it and then was told they couldnt do it!!! xrays scrapped the whole side of my gums it had to be done twice because *** didnt get it right the first time then had to get another one because they couldnt take my molar shot right!

called for refund and got hung up on!!!!! western dental is a ripoff and ghetto as ***. assistants shouldnt have tongue rings and visible tattoos or be 500 lbs sitting around!!!

hope they lose business ! i will never ever go back or even think of referencing!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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They so screwed up with my child's braces won't do any work on her will not take her braces off let her go for a year makin me think they were doing work when they weren't her brackets fell off and what is left of them there eating up her teeth a wire busted and jabbed her mouth and completely went thru her skin and still won't take them off until I pay my part due balane they are s*** and rip offs DO NOT EVER EVER GO THERE


My post didnt show up all the way. Please contact me at shsharpshoots at

I can direct you.

And you can help thousands of others.


I know exactly how you feel. WD has done that to my family and much worse. You want your money back! These are the steps you MUST take.

First of all, you must fle a grievance with WD Corporate. This can be done by filing the grievance via their web site, via phone by just calling them and asking for the grivance dept and be sure you tell them that you want to file a grievance and via us mail. I would recommend via the internet because the website sends you a auto-response confirmation that you filed it.

The reason its so important to file the grievance is because their is a chain of command (in this case a chain of events that must take place before anyone with more authority can investigate the matter. And I don't mean by WD employees.

Remember, they have 30 days to respond to your grievance VIA US Mail. Don't expect a response unless you hound them. Don't forget that you also have other reporting options after you have filed the grievance. And you don't need to wait 30 days to make those reports.

Please contact me so that I can assist you further with your particlar situation. I can be reached using my user name shesharpshoots to send me a email at gmail .com. These boards will sometimes block out a email address if it is presented like this and some don't. Together we are strong. Divided, well we end up just being whiners :cry on a blog.

You are not alone, there are thousands of us. Let's stand together and stop this behavior. I don't care how old this post is, contact me.

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