When I was first looking for a place to get my braces put in, I looked for the nearest place closest to my house. I found a Western Dental walking distance from me. I never knew that I was going to hate every minute that I spend at the Dental office... I wished, I would've read the reviews online regarding Western Dental plan and Staff....

The staff is horrible!!!!! If you want to pay for someone to speak down at you, this is the place to come to. In particular this girl named Tania. Not only she is soooo dame ugly, she is rude. You confront her for being rude and she'll sit there and tell you "NO, I'm not!" You complain to the office manager and she'll just sit there and roll her eyes.. Tania is the biggest !@#$ I've ever met.

Well, besides her, the Dentist told me I had three cavities, which I had see another Dentist and he told me I didn't. I went ahead like an *** and had the work done. I was charged $689.00 for filling them... I paid it, than I recieve another letter in the mail saying that I owe them $100.00...When I maid the full payment of $689, I was told that I didn't owe anything else. I went and confronted the office manager and she apologies and said that my insurance didn't pay for I don't know what...I paid it, but than I recieved another letter saying I owe them some more money. Within days I recieved a letter saying that my account was going to be send to collections. I had to pay again for something that I though I had already paid for. This was the most expensive fills I have ever paid for. I paid, just so I wouldn't be send to colletions.

I never went back, but unfortuneatly, I had gotten my braces there so I had to continue going just for my braces. It's been 1yr and 7mons and I can't wait to get this braces off. I am tired of dealing with attitudes and the bad service. Everyone there is always in a bad mood...I hate that!!!

If you are thinking of getting any work at Wester Dental, think about it twice. Dooooonnnnn'tttt doooo it!!!!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

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This worries me because I'm supposed to have full dental surgery tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it after reading all of these bad reviews. Honestly, I think I had better let someone else put me to sleep instead of this place.

I wasn't crazy about how ghetto it is both inside and out but now I'm just concerned especially, after they gave me Ibuprofen for extreme pain (dentists term for my teeth). Has anyone else been put to sleep here for dental work?


If you ever have second thoughts about fillings or major work that needs to be done, get a second opinion or ask for all of the details (payments, coverage, etc) in writing would be nice. If they refuse to give you a treatment plan, don't do the work.

And ***, always get a receipts for all services rendered. I think cash would be the worst thing to give because there's no back-up proof like a check will be cashed and you can print an image or credit card.

Sorry you had to endure this. All people should be ware of Western Dental and their faulty practice.


:cry Sux that u have to cry about it ... BOOOOO HOOOO HOOOO Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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