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I am 16 and I go to Western Dental in Bakersfield California. My mom picked them out to do my braces (She didn't even look them up or do any research on them or anything).

She went there since they are dentist/ortho since she is to lazy to take me to two separate places! When I first went there they seemed legit,nice and friendly. So I got my braces put on and that's when the nightmares began. In the first month I had them I broke 2 brackets.

1 I broke while eating a piece of bacon and the other I broke while eating a piece of chocolate! So i went in there and they fixed them. That next month i didn't break any but I was really careful. The month after that my wire came out at the very back.

It was poking me and cutting into my cheek and there was nothing i could do about it. So i pulled it out (with my moms consent). and the next time I went in there the doctor was yelling at me about how that was irresponsible and how he is going to inform my parents what i'm doing if I do it again. So that month 3 of my brackets got broken on little things like pizza crust,potato chips and candy.

Then when i went in there the assistant glued one of my brackets on. Then the doctor came over and had a look and he said "wow i'm surprised you made a mistake you glued on the bracket wrong" to the assistant. And he didn't try to fix it at all. I didn't think anything of it at the time though.

But when i got home later that day I was hungry and ate a piece of regular soft bread. And my bracket came off. My mom called them and told them she wasn't paying for it so they gave me a new one for free. So we went in and they glued it back on.

Sometime that week I was eating something (cant remember what)and my suspender came off!

when i went in they didn't even care they said "oh its OK we will fix it next time" which i did not like since i want to get these *** things off as soon as possible and get away from them. I have only had my braces on for 8 months i'm not sure how i'm going to survive another 16 (so they say that's how long i have left to have them on but i'm sure they are wrong about that) months at Western Dental.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Braces.

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Bad very bad place for braces. Run away


LOL! Didn't realize this post was made some time ago!

My bad! Still...I hope you were able to resolve the problem with the lame orthodontist you had and be honest with your mom.

Even now, though, she deserves to know how you felt. Keep a cool head, don't be mean or disrespectful to your mom, and just tell her how you felt.

I hope you can talk to her honestly and with an open mind, even if you were fairly annoyed and P.O.'d about the experiences you had. Once again, good luck and I wish you the best!


I, too, went to Western Dental.

I had three break off at one point and I had not eaten anything before they broke off. They fixed them each time.

I ate whatever I wanted when I had braces and they never broke during eating.

Sounds like THAT particular location just really f***g sucks!!! It's NOT you, honey. It's THEM!! Go some place else!

They are doing a horrible job & their attitudes suck!! The orthodontist is a *** for speaking to you (and his assistant) that way! If you were MY kid, I would have told that *** *** head to NOT speak to you that way. It was completely unprofessional and disrespectful!

Shame on him!! There are other Western Dentals AND other dental places to go to. I suggest you have a talk with your mom, tell her your experiences and concerns. She has a right to know and to be made aware of how you've been treated.

It was totally uncalled for! Look into better places together and make it a team effort! You've got to keep the communication open, be honest, & respect each other's opinions. Good Luck, kid!!

There ARE other options, so don't be concerned about finding a better place.

They ARE out there!! :)


Well, you are eating some things that your not allowed to eat. I go to Western Dental and only one thing broke....


Oh really they do that ?


Just by reading this, sounds like you're the problem. You are eating things you are not suppose to, and that's why you're brackets are braking.


If you knew, hr not supposed to eat pizza crust while with braces


I also have the same issue. I'm 16 and got my braces on two months ago at Western Dental in Victorville Ca.

My mom never did any research on them or anything. They were ok up until my first tightening. Then all *** broke loose. I won't be able to explain everything due to my limit for the comment but the ortho and the other staff are lying, cheating, EXTREMELY rude, and just all around terrible people!

And they do

absolutely horrible work! I could count on one hand how many staff members were good people.

This dentistry makes you wait forever in order for *** treatment and horrible, and very unprofessional attitudes. My mom and I were very polite because we understand that sometimes there are bad days and other customers can be rude but SWEET JESUS I CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I REGRET GOING HERE FOR BRACES.


You obviously didn't read the handbook of what not to eat and what to eat. Sorry, but the western dental I go to is actually very respectful and friendly. If something happens, they tell you not to worry about it.


why don't you go try..... they don't know what they are doing and I can vouch on this one.....

My daughter got them on and she is an adult and follows the so call booklet and to the tee.... they still come off so instead of being so negative on these kids you should try them out..... they don't even know how to bill your insurance...

then later expects you to pay for them because they did a mistake and now my insurance wont pay them..... so before you judge why don't you give them a try


i also went to that same western dental in bakersfield, an the experiance was horrible ! they were tryin to pull teeth that didnt even need to be pulled..they were verry rude an had me sign papers while i was in the middle of them pullin my teeth out that later on cost me money for somthing that i dnt remember them telling me they were going to do..just horrible..THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN A.SAP


Calling your mom lazy gives you no credibility. You are a spoiled brat who deserves your mouth tobe as ugly as you sound when writing about your "lazy mom".


You were careless with your eating habits, probably the main reason why your braces kept breaking. But if that wasn't the case, then most likely there have been some incidents while putting braces on you.


You weren't suppose to eat any of thos thing. No wonder you braces failed.


REgarding Hemet CA office: I stupidly agreed to let Western Dental put braces on my son. The past 3 out of 6 visits, they havent done *** but look at em, extending teh time he has to come.

(I know as I was an orthodontist assistant for years). Today he had his 6 month dental and an ortho appt scheduled at same time. he was to go in,t hey take his bands off, he goes for his regular check up and then back to ortho for hte remained of that. We got there 10 minutes early and they called him back right away.

Cool I thought, they are actually on top of it for once, WRONGZ. 20 minutes later they call his name, want me to do update papers and he still is sitting in chair, no one taken his band off for his reg dental appt, much less his ortho appt. I wait a few minutes and no one behind hte desks go and talks to ortho so I do. SO they take his bands off and send him back out front.

It is now 30 minutes after his appt time. they call two other people who came in after him and late for their appts back. I go ask WTF and how much longer. They say he has another person in front of him.

it will be 15 minutes. we wait 20, then I go tell him to tell them to put his band back on and I will reschedule his regular appt. so, we sat there for 2 hours and the orthodontist didnt even do *** to his teeth., I am reasy to sue for negligence and fraud. And what is more, I said I wanted full Bands on him when the contract was signed, all they did was put the glue on type that attach JUST to teh front of hte teeth.

He has has the same issues as the OP of this thread and he does not eat anything hard that would cause them to break off.

He has repeated gone in for the wire poking him in the back of the mouth RIGHT after walking out of the office too. Plus, they close at 6, but come 5:30 they are rushing everyone out and not doing the job per the contract.


I'm an adult and I'm currently having orthodontic treatment at Wetern Dental. I'm very pleased.

I've had traditional metal braces for six months now. My teeth are really starting straighten. I'm so pleased with the results so far.

Thank You Western Dental! :)

@Very Pleased

Wow you must be one of their employees..... this way they don't look bad from all the negative being said.

Or you must been lucky because my daughter has had hers on since December 2012 and they are not off.... they screw up everything...this one is located in Antioch California


how much were you guys braces a month and the down payment


I currently go there and have braces. The same exact things happened to me, and also, on the very first day I went to the Ortho, me and my mom were talking to the lady at the front desk about the cost and everything of the braces.

So we talked for about 30 minutes, and then she told me to go into the ortho office and it would take around 2 hours. Me and my mom had no clue what she was talkin about, and she told us that I was getting my braces that day. So we were like what the heck?!?! And it was my first day at that dentist!!

But now I have had the braves on for about 3 months, and the same exact things have happened. I also have a spring on my bottom teeth, and it is cutting up my gums very bad, and the wax doesnt even help):


Girl you eat too much!