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This place is a scam. They begin by running your credit score, not by anything related to your teeth.

I fell for the scam and had an xray and cleaning, which were covered at 100% by my MetLife insurance. The "estimated invoice" from Western Dental even shows that I should owe $0 for the xray. However, there are different kinds of xrays (apparently), and the patient needs to know that. Insurance won't necessarily cover the work that Western Dental does, even if the WD paperwork says it is covered. Of course, they get away with this by the "this is only an estimate" disclaimer.

Also, after looking at my credit score and insurance coverage, they were telling me that I needed 8 procedures done. And here are multiple payment plans that will work for me, given my credit score.

I began seeing the scam at this point and left. I went to an actual dentist and he said I most definitely did not have those 8 problems.

Bottom line: scam

Monetary Loss: $97.

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San Rafael, California, United States #696929

In addition to the terrible service, long waits, dirty office, over-worked practitioners and rude staff, they appear to be basically a scam. From my own experience as well as what I have heard from others, Western Dental cons people into getting services (not performed very well mind you), that you don't need in order to jack up costs that aren't covered by your insurance.

What happened to me (and I have heard a number of times from others) is that you can't get the (covered) service. I was told I needed a "deep cleaning" that included 10 shots of antibiotics at $129 EACH. I was told by my insurance company that the usual charge is $20. My new dentist told me I didn't need the antibiotics in the first place.

So, a "deep cleaning" cost me, out of pocket $1600.

Run from this place and avoid it like the plague if you possibly can. :(

North Metro, Georgia, United States #644951

thank you :eek x


Over 8 years ago I had braces put in by Western Dental. It was not performed by a Dentist just a Dental Assistant and a Dentist sign off.

Due to the braces being incorrectly installed my gums soon become infected. I had to go get an Emergency appointment from another dentist to remove the braces and treat the infection. I told Western Dental I was not going to pay for their failure. So they sent my account to collections over 7 years ago.

No problem, I understand that.

The only thing, they are breaking the law by recently re-sending it to collections and appearing on my credit report with added fees. Do not go to Western Dental.


We read your posted comment and are sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience with Western Dental. Delivering a great patient experience is of the utmost importance to Western Dental and we are very concerned about your experience with us.

We always appreciate comments so that we can continue to improve our organization and deliver the best care and services.

As we cannot address your specific issue through this website, please contact us at 800 992-3366 during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm) so that we can look into the details of your concerns and take appropriate action to make matters right. We look forward to assisting you.

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