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Western Dental has been the worst experience of a lifetime!! I dont even have the TIME it takes to complete every aspect of my last 8 MONTHS getting care that could have taken 2 weeks MAX.. I have had great teeth my whole life.. I needed a baby tooth removed from the front side of my mouth. This baby tooth had been redone earlier in life to look larger and fit like a adult tooth. BUT? It was getting old and I needed my adult tooth brought down with ORTHO CARE!

WELL? The ortho sent me to a PERIODONTIST who wanted to charge me near 3000. for cleaning. I had to pay $200 for that evaluation. That was who they recommended. THAT DR was not available when my appt was schedule and so it just never happened. I later went to the college I attend and they said It would cost me $35 dollars for cleaning.. BIG DIFFERENCE!! But then I would have to wait to get my ortho care another 3 months til I could get the college APPT.. So? I decided to ask the DENTAL area of WESTERN DENTAL if they could do periodontal cleaning and they said YES!! SO? I got an appt.. They told me I needed a ROOT CANAL and 2 crowns and I had 3 cavities and they would pull the baby tooth out. OK I SAID!! If it needed to be done I WOULD DO IT!! They moved me over to another chair and left me there.. Finally a doctor came to me and could barely speak english. She was not the dentist I was evaluated by which was weird. BUT? I went with it.. She gave me one shot and started her thing.. I had no idea what they were doing or how the procedure worked. I thought it would be like a cavity filling. Ive only had 4 cavities my whole life. SHE told me to tell her if I had any pain.. PRETTY HARD TO DO WITH A DRILL IN YOUR MOUTH.. BUT OKAY!! To say the least? IT HURT ALOT!!!!! and she ripped my fillings and teeth to shreds.. By time she was done I had over 10 shots in my mouth.. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS THAT MORE THAT ONE SHOT WAS IMPORTANT FOR THIS KIND OF PROCEDURE!! AND SHE KNEW IT BUT DIDNT CARE!! I got in the chair about 2pm I got out after the office closed..7-8:30pm YEPPERS! I never knew what was going on.. they moved me from chair to chair with blocks in my mouth..I drewled on myself while passing other people being evaluted to get xrays or the equiptment wasnt at that station.. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!! It got worse.. I had pain for weeks I had to wear tin foil crowns for weeks that made me sick..I had to go back over and over again and when taking off my temp? they ripped the crown placement off and didnt have a filler so they left me like that.. THEY DIDNT TELL ME THEY HAD DONE IT OF COURSE>.I HEARD THEM TALKING ABOUT IT!! When I came in for my perm crowns they realized they had them earlier but I was under someone elses name..HMM? The dentist put them on my teeth quickly and I told her I couldnt *** she just shaved my teeth flat until she couldnt shave off anymore and left me with 2 top back FLAT CROWNS! They just smashed food into my bottom teeth and wore them down.. I started getting sick and kept going back..but they said i was fine.. Paid more for drugs>>>LOTS MORE!! and finally more xrays..The root canal wasnt done right and they finally said they would redo it..I told them that they were both uncomfortable and didnt fit..SO I BEGGED TO HAVE THE OTHER DONE PROPERLY AS WELL.. I sat for another 4-6 or more hours..Had them broken off shaved down and after that? SHE COULDNT FIX HER POOR ROOT CANAL.. So? She gave me temps and more weeks in TIN FOIL TEETH.. While waiting for that I had them clean my teeth.. It should have been a 4 visit, 4 hours a peice sessions cleaning. IT TOOK HOURS to get 30 minutes of cleaning. I was freaked out.. NO WAY!! That was over 800 dollars.. Well? I got the new crowns on and my baby tooth removed and fillings in my front teeth when they origanilly said it was my back teeth..but she only did 2 fillings..HMM? BUT? ? THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT THERE DOING!! RIGHT? GOD HELP ME FOR BEING SO *** TO THINK THAT THEY WERENT ALL ON VISA'S AND THAT OUR GOVT WOULD NOT ALLOW UNEDUCATED MEDICAL PRACTICES TO DO WORK WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE *** THEY ARE DOING? If this was an all open practice Im sure my OLD DENTISTS AND DOCTORS COULD HAVE SAVED SOME BUCKS ON SCHOOLING!! Its a sad world because they dont have a clue how to do dental work at WESTERN DENTAL.. these people are all on VISA's and run a TOOTH CHOP SHOP!! Its western alright!! OLD SCHOOL BACKWOODS UNEDUCATED EMPLOYEES AND DENTISTS!! no more no less!! It should say that on the door.. WELCOME TO THE CHOP SHOP!!! Besides all that..?? I decided to run over to the ORTHO side of the building and tell them I was ready and my tooth was pulled.. just needed my PERMINANT CROWNS on.. She looked at the first evaluation from the PERIODONTIST and it said deep cleaning and possible surgery.. SHE REFUSED TO SET ME AN appt.. She said I needed to go to a periodontist.. I said I had my cleaning done right here at your office.. and she said it didnt matter.. and I said that THE DENTIST WHO I FIRST ASKED IF IT WOULD BE APPROVED TOLD ME I WAS AN APPROVED CLEANING BEFORE I GOT IT DONE.. TO go off a 6 month old evaluation with a simple POSSIBLE surgery after cleaning is not a reason to deny me treatment..WELL? EVERYBODY WAS RUDE..UNPROFESSIONAL...They lied to me over and over abundantly about every last thing that ever was an issue then and during every visit and every sit down with the MANAGER..Whom is totally unqualified to represent A WHOLE IN THE WALL FAST FOOD BUSINESS much less a DENTAL CORP.. WHAT THE ***? I did was I was told. Now my baby tooth was removed and leaved a open hole to my nasal cavity..I was now at risk and no one cared or even thought about the risk I was in by not having treatment right away.. and THEY SWORE IT WAS ok to pull it at that time.. I WAS Going to get my braces and chain to bring it down right away they said.. WELL ITS BEEN 2 months since then.. I have visited another Periodonist directly after they told me to and it was another $200.. To have them right a letter telling them my teeth were fine and immediate care for my baby tooth area was recommended.. I got my crowns put on by the head dentist.. THEY ARE HUGE.. I heard it crack on the right side about 2 hrs after I got home from that appt.. I have had WHIP LASH EVER SINCE IN my NECK and Upper Back..Because my jaw doesnt shut all the way down now and is held up by two large crowns in the back of my mouth.. I can not taste food fully anymore.. all my teeth have moved and its painful because there is no root or tooth support in the front of my mouth since they pulled my tooth.. I WORK IN THE PUBLIC EYE AND Side job as a Commercial Model, Entertainer for reputable companys and cant get work because I look like a crack head missing a front tooth.. I made a appt..directly after the crowns were put on and took off work to attend.. They sent me away after a 5hour *** visit telling me they didnt get the paperwork. I took work off again for the braces and another 5hours of *** from all ends telling me the paperwork wasnt good enough!! WHAT THE FK did I spend $200 dollars for? I had to eat mashed potatoes and soup for over 4 months and now I cant enjoy the flavor of any food and cant enjoy the feeling of relaxing my jaw..


Im in over 3-4 Grand and 8 months of pain with added medicine and outside visits to look worse than before.. NOT TO MENTION I NO LONGER HAVE ENAMEL ON MY TEETH from the deep cleaning..

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Anyone who has bad experience with them should band together and file a complaint to

the DENTAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA or any state you are from Western dental is full of ***, they should be ashame...

taking advantage of the poor..

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