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If you are smart, do not make the greatest mistake I made almost a year ago... Signing on to have Western Dental as my dental provoder!!!

Appts can be scheduld within days but you will prob see many many doctors before your treatment is complete.

The North Hollywood facility is disgusting. CLOSELY look at things when you're sitting in that chair waiting to be worked ON.

Receptionist, assistants and even the doctors are very very unprofessional.They talk aloud about their personal lives, curse, and showcase their frustrations without care as to where you, the customer, is located. One of my doctors smelled like cigarettes. One began working without his mask until I told him I felt uncomfortable. One began talking to me about how she didn't like her assistant. The payment officer this past week was talking to a co worker about how he genuinely wants to be a *** star.

I don't care what time your appointment is scheduled or what treatment you are getting, you will be there longer than you actually think!!! Hopefully you like laying in a room that doesn't have a window, and if it does it's facing a tall brick wall.

My treatments were to be extensive. I had to recieve 2 new cavities, I was getting 4 silver chaged to white, one root canal with gold crown put on, 2 extractions, and a deep cleaning. After about 20 appts, I'm still not done. This past week they noticed 3 more new cavities and so I'm not yet ready for the ortho. How could they have missed these cavities?? My oral issues are my fault. But I was not prepared for the amount waited time each appt would bring. The longest I was there for one day was 5 1/2 for 2 cavities!!! Crazy!!! My result this far are good, I'm most happy with my crown because it looks just like any other tooth. I am in *** because of my oral issues but moreso because of Western Dental. I am almost complete.

But I cannot stress to ppl enough that this is not the kind of facility you shouls have to attend and not the professionals you should have working in your mouth. The only reason I continue going is beause I have not yet had open enrollment. And my oral issues were getting pretty scary. As soon as open enrollment is available, I am running fast fast!!!

PLEASE PLEASE do not ever go to a Western Dental facility, you will regret it greatly I am sure!!!

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Sun City, Arizona, United States #1247672

Why does WD refer to your facts as "opinions "?

They are so dismissive about everything! But karma is a B time 10 Dr Dhillon


DO NOT GO TO WESTERN DENTAL IN VENTURA. After not one but TWO appointments where they did not have the supplies needed to complete my treatment they are now sending me bills from the collection department for WORK THAT WAS NEVER DONE.


TORRES (SUPPOSEDLY THE OFFICE MANAGER AT THE VENTURA OFFICE) IS A LITTLE MEXICAN *** AND SHOULD GO BACK TO MEXICO WITH HER CRAPPY ATTITUDE, WRINKLED CLOTHES AND TOO MUCH EYEMAKEUP!! This office is filthy, the staff lies and you wait forever (even if you have the first appointment in the morning because the dentists were 45 minutes late!!!).




:? Hi i just started going to wd &just stopped work due to prices, Iv'e had work done, but worried and am under contract. I was told that whatever work i did'nt want wou'ld be deducted.

Being charged for gum work,surgery on front tooth, meaning pullout, bone graft and stitches. they seem to want to pull out teeth &put plates .price? close to 5,000.00 but no implants.

those cost 3,500 a tooth. need help plrase reply.


I myself am an employee of western, and man do we have fun !!!! All i do is play around all day.

The company pays me a miserable wage, im making 10 cents above minnimun wage ! so we really dont care about patients or their needs.

the staff does the minimun required to make the bosses happy, and the fewer patients we have the less we have to work. so if your reading this, dont come to western, if you do, were not going to treat you nice.



Pendeja! Betcha gon' know how it feels when they geeet you back!

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