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To whom it may concern,

I want to write this letter to those in charge of Western Dental. The experience that I had today with the Western Dental in Santa Ana on E. First Street, with Grand as the cross street is the worst experience I have had in my whole history of dental visits. I want you to hear me out and listen to my story.

Today, I had an appointment with Western Dental at 2 pm and so I arrived at about 1:55 pm. I have never been to this Western Dental before so I had to do some paper work as a new patient. I finished the paper work and then waited to be called in. I was called in around 30 minutes later to get my x-rays done. After the x-rays, I was moved to a waiting room and waited for over half an hour for the doctor to come to me.

When the doctor came, she didn't even introduce herself. She went straight to examine my teeth and discussed with me that I needed to do a regular cleaning and that I had a cavity. I was told to wait some more so I did. I waited for 10 minutes and the assistant brought me some paper work to sign because they were going to have it sent to Medical to cover the fees. The doctors and assistants never told me what was going on; I had to ask them what they were going to do to me. I feel that it should be their duty to inform the patient what they are going to perform on their patient. I was moved to a different room and was told to wait some more. By this time, an hour has passed by and nothing has been done.

After half an hour or so, a doctor came to give me a regular cleaning. Then I was left to wait once more. I waited for about one more half hour. A different doctor came to me and told me that she was going to clean my teeth; I think it was called light scaling. The doctor performed that on me and then left me to wait once more while she went to work on other patients that came in after me. Finally after half an hour again, the doctor who did my scaling came back and numbed me for my filling. I was glad that they were going to finally finish, but after the shot, the doctor left again. I counted the doctor going to two other patients before she came back to me and that took about 45 minutes.

By the time the doctor came back, she drilled on my tooth where the cavity was, but I was no longer numb, so I felt the pain. Therefore, she gave me three more shots and then left me again for about 15-20 minutes. I had all sorts of liquids in my mouth, but they didn't take care of that so I had to spit it out on the napkin that was over me. The doctor eventually came back and tried to do the filling. However, the doctor said I was bleeding from the cleaning so she had to wait for the bleeding to stop. The doctor left me to go to other patients. I don't know how many minutes that took, but she came back and tried to fill in my cavity. She told me it was difficult because I still had my braces on.

There was this other assistant that came by and looked at what the doctor was doing. I heard her saying something about having her license allows her to do fillings too so she asked the doctor, who was working on me, if she could instead do my filling. I didn't want her to do my filing, but I couldn't speak at that moment. The doctor let the assistant take over and finished my cavity filling. I felt that this was very unprofessional especially after making me wait for so long. The assistant worked on me and then had the doctor to come check it before they let me go. I had to wait a while before they even came to check the final results. By the end of the whole operations, it was 6:45 pm.

It took this doctor, 4 hours and 45 minutes to finish my whole dental visit. I think this is very inappropriate and unfair. My older sister was waiting for me outside and she saw that other patients who came in later than me, got treated and came back out. I was one of the first patients, yet I was one of the last ones to leave. This is very unfair and I feel that my voice has to be heard. I don't want others to go through this same pain and suffering that I went through. I had to miss work because this dental place did not do their job. I feel that if they work on a patient, they don't have the right to let the patient wait over and over and over again. So many patients came in and out and I was still there waiting. Something needs to be done about this kind of service.

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When are you people going to learn? To get quality dental care, you don't go to any place that has the word "clinic" in it's title.

You find a competent dentist who has his/her own practice and is located in a decent area. Yes, you will pay more but chances are you will be satisfied with the results.


My family and I are also victims of this Corporations actions and I am trying to get everyone that posts here about this company to band together by filing complaints.

As a group, we are strong. As individuals, we are viewed as just people whining on a Blog. Don't be just a POST. Contact me so that you can become part of the SOLUTION instead to letting WD continue to be part of the problem. I can be contacted using my user name above shesharpshoots and sending a email to my account.

Have you sent this to Western Dental Directly yet? PLEASE DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. Get what they did to you on record at the Corporate office by filing a grievance. You may call your complaint in or you may sent it to them. This company also has a way to file a online grievance where it will send you a message back VERIFING that they received it. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Because to get anything done about this company, we all must first file a grievance with these idiots. Don't file your grievance with any expectations, but file it anyway.

These boards don't allow me to put my out right email address as the computer will automatically block my address so let's try this shesharpshoots at

No matter how old this post may be. CONTACT ME ANYWAY.

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