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I am a former patient of Western Dental for my orthodontic care. I signed a contract with Western Dental to receive an 18 month care and treatment for braces. When I first went in on November 9th to receive my consult I was very excited everything seemed so wonderful. I returned on November 11th 2011 and got the top 6 and bottom 6 braces, wire, and bands on. The office was very disorganized and dirty in the back room where they were treating me. The dental assistants were making inappropriate comments to me. I tried to ignore my concerns and focus on the task at hand (a pretty smile). I was having some complications with wires and band's, I called the office on November 14th, 15th, and 16th. The assistant I spoke with told me that they are busy and she will take a message and have someone call me back. I never received a call back so I called again on November 23rd and November 24th and left a message. I finally received a call back on December 6th 2011 the assistant told me that I had an appointment on December 10th and if I could tough it out till then. I decided to give Western Dental one more Chance. I went to my appointment on December 10th 2011 at 10am It was 12:30 before they called me back (the waiting room was empty). When I finally got to the chair the male dental assistant started to put the spacers in. My mouth was very sore and I was bleeding. I asked the dentist if it was normal he said yes. I went home my mouth was throbbing and my gums were cut where they placed the spacer. They did not change out my discolored bands that I had requested or cut the wire like I requested because I have an appointment on December 16th and they said they will do it then. I decided that Western Dental was just not the right fit for me. I called them Monday the 12th and could not reach anyone in the office I left several messages and did not get a call back. I called their corporate office and they said there was nothing they can do. I finally was able to speak with someone in their office after several failed attempts of calling. I asked the front office assistant if she could tell me the size and type of braces that they put on. She told me that she could get my records sent to my dentist if I wanted I agreed she placed me on hold for about 10 minutes and came back on the line and asked "are you trying to continue your treatment with another orthodontist? I said "yes" she then told me that she does not have access to my records and hung up. I finally just made an appointment with a orthodontist Dr. Bowen in Scottsdale that my Dentist Dr. Steinberg recommended. Because of the contract I am stuck in I have to pay this office $4900 for treatment or lack there of. I am very upset. Dr. Bowen has to completely start my treatment from the beginning. I have suffered financially, physically, and mentally from this company.

Western Dental 1820 N 75th Ave #112 Phoenix AZ (623) 846-2223

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We had a similar experience with this office. It was so bad that we canceled our contract after only 1 month. The entire process costs $3600 and we are being charged $1700 for 1 appointment (front brackets were put on and we wouldn't allow them to remove her braces) we paid through CareCredit and upon receiving the bill we filed a dispute.


They have done this to my daughter also!!! Keep losing payments tell us we owe more then we do then we show proof of payment and they get mad and try and find something else.My daughter started at the dentist part she had some cavitys that needed filled and 1 tooth pulled be for her braces could get put on so they say the dr comes in had no clue what teeth needed to be filled WOW REALLY so she left came back next day to have the tooth pulled so dr looks in her mouth and says so which tooth are we suppose to pull is it this one points to the wrong tooth!!!!

these people should not be allowed to be working on people... All Western dental paitiance need to get together and shut these crooks down.


You're not the only one. You do not have to pay for services they never performed and don't let them convince you otherwise. Good luck to you.

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