Ok Im am posting this in effort to save some other family from the horrible experiance of dealing with western dental....

let me begin by saying that the Ft.Worth office is a dump...

During my first visit there, it looked like it was under construction with sighns say please excuse our mess as we are expanding to better serve you. The floors were nasty and looked like they had removed tile as they were and looked sticky. However the staff and Dr were very nice. So first App went well except for the way the office looked..

However after going back for more visits the office continued to stay in a mess. My 11yr was set up to get braces on.. during the first visit of this prosses I started to notice things I felt were being done wrong. Like the Dental ***.

was having a hard time making molds and putting in spacers that consisted of just small rubber band being placed between teeth. she was very rough with my child during this and seemed very nervous. I asked for another ***.

during the next visit to have bracets put on, I again became very uncomfortable as the room we were in was small and dirty.

The table that was used to hold the equimpment being used was a cardboard box with some kind of cloth cover.. I even seen her put stuff on that dirty nasty floor, because her makeshift table was too small. Then after some... NOT all brackets were placed on..Im informed that they dont have them all and we will have to come back to have the rest put on.

So as we are leaving A heated argument breaks out behind the receptionist desk between coworker who are yelling screaming and cussing at one another... all infront of the dentist that just walks out the front door with one of the angry ***.

ANYWAYS long story short point.... Western dental is a joke....

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