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I want to give some feedback about their HR Team. I am looking for job and has been contacted by Christina A Thais.

She scheduled a phone interview but she was late and re-scheduled. Not a big deal. Next day she called and told me that 'looks like you are not interested in this position and we are not going to consider you'. Believe it or not but I had no chance to tell her anything.

She just hang up after this.

I have never been to Western Dental before so I have not had bad attitude or something I was just surprised how rude and inappropriate it was.

I hope they fix their business starting from their representatives. Othewise it is just a shame.

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hey i went to western dental today! and they treat there patients horrible!

they are very dirty! its so ridiculous that my root canal did not get finished, because it was 4 o'clock and they close at 4:30! so half way through the procedure the the dental assistant says " oh doc we have to hurry because we close at 4:30" LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS I HAVE A FLIPPEN WHOLE IN MY TOOTH AND THEY SEND ME HOME!! its saturday where i live!

that means im going to have to wait till monday!

its like come on! :(....


First of all, I would greatly appreciate it if you get your facts right before bashing my reputation. I was late to the phone interview due to interviewing other candidates and I apologized for that.

What you failed to do as an applicant is apply to the position as I instructed the day before. I had sourced you from CareerBuilder prior and asked you to please fill out an application (which you failed to do). I then asked you to fill out the application and rescheduled the interview for the next day. When I called the next day, you still had not filled out the appropriate paperwork.

I asked you why and you said you were doing it now.

I gave you plenty of opportunities to fill out an application and you did not comply, so I moved on with other candidates who were interested in joining WD. I wish you the best of luck in the future!

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