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I took my daughter to WD for braces. They did x-rays, a mold of her teeth and put on the brackets. They told us she needed some teeth pulled. I made an appointment for the dentists side of the office, when we arrived for the appointment, they didn't have the paper work they needed to perform the extraction. They did some additional x-rays and told us we would have to come back.

I made an appointment to see the ortho again, to discuss having her teeth pulled and put the anchors on her back teeth. We waited until 45 minutes past her appointment time and I was then told that they are still an additional half hour behind. I informed them I could not wait.

I then made an appointment with her regular dentist to have her teeth pulled, they recommended that I see another ortho because WD has a very bad reputation and they have seen in their own office some of WD problems.

I went to see an ortho in our city that had a great reputation and she informed me that WD contract is based on a time span and not results. In other words, they agree to give you care for the contracted price for 2 yrs. If at the end of two years, if you still need additional work, they charge you extra. Well that was all it took, I had seen enough. I called WD told them my daughter was no longer a patient.

Later I was called by them asking me to pay the balance. I explained all of the above and that my daughter never got her complete set of braces from them and they did not uphold their portion of the contract. They informed me that they were going to turn my case over to the IRS for collections if I did not cooperate.

Today I got a call from RRS (WD henchmen) and when I shared all this with them, I was told that WD does that on purpose so people get afraid and will pay the money instead of having the IRS after them. I then informed the lady at RRS that this type of thing is illegal, she agreed, but continued to try to collect.

I am waiting for them to take me to court. I am hoping that the judge will hear me out and dismiss due to illegal collection practices on the part of WD.

Wish me luck.

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