Western Dental has definitely a horrible control of payments and billing. Their statements that are mailed have completely different information than the records that are requested at their office.

What is going on with these people?

There were various times that I personally went into their office and tried to get my account back on track. When I stepped out everything seemed fixed, but then collection calls and statements continue to come in the mail. Their interest that is being charged is so high and they say they only charge 10% of the late fee amount, not the account balance.

Up to $100 dollars have been charged in only two months. Something is definitely wrong in this picture.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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HORRIBLE Dental and Customer Service. I am old (65) we always pay one month ahead on all our bills.

I was constantly getting calls from Western Dental saying I was late.

The billing department refused to send me a copy of our latest statement. Do Not Use Western Dental----RUN-RUN of course the opposite direction


Western Dental is a corrupt bunch of people. If people in several states, counties and cities are complaining about the same issue then you know the staff is being trained this way. Complain to the Federal Trade Commission File complaints wit the BBB although they are not BBB accredited contact any party that will investigate rhem with enough complaints someone with the power to stop them will atleast fine them we have to work together they have been ruining lives too long.


thanks for sharing, will not go with them


this helped us a lot. me and my family just were going to signe up with Western Dental.

After checking few more complaints we decided not. Thank you for sharing this.


omg i agree one 100%.they make All this mistakes and then your suck paying on them.




I wish I would have researched Western Dental before going to them for orthodontic treatment. Worst decision I made.

The front desk and corporate DEFINITELY ALWAYS have different stories. I'm so over them and I can't wait to get my contract paid off!


I am so so sick of customer serves or billing because the keep send me bill I ready pay off my account and last year they did the same thing this is worst billing dep.iwill never go to western dental ever again.


Worst experience ever with Western Dental.

Regret going to them for general/ortho service.


Is horrible of the charges.....to make things worst, I get statements when the due dates are the same day that I receive them.!!!!


This just happened to me! Their billing is terrible.

Yelled at them. Cant find your balance


Western Dental Overcharge me yoyu can't even view your account Balance


I can help you put a stop to this. Ive been donating my time to help those victimized by Western Dental ever since they came after my family.

Their is a procedure. Please contact me at wdadvocate@***.com


please help me. I paid off my balance last april and out of blue I'm getting letters from collection , that I owe them 1667.40.Tried to talk them -useless.

Horrible billing services, misplaced my payments few times, miscalculated my balance , harassed with collection calls, anyway long story short , I need to fight this now. Please help.


Feel free to email me at wdadvocate@***l com


Want to a that is deleted bill


I had a terrible experiance after two years I finally paid off my balance I asked the office to give me my paid off reciet I got the last payment reciet a week later they said I owe an additional nine hundred dollars I told them I have a reciet says im paid off. They said cause I was chosen to be audited and thats how I owe.

This is rediculois!

Of course I didnt pay cause I feel for no reason thier ripping me off! Alot of people are going through these bad experiance with the accounts dept


Are You Still helping people with this nightmare issues with Western Dental?


Hi im having issues getting a true balance on my western dental balance also what to do?


I will never go back to Western Dental. Horrible payment method , you can't even view your account balance.

Went there to have my root canal done. They have a 60 day check up to see if anything is wrong. Went back because it was bothering me within the 60 day .The Dentist said its the same tooth but its not the side they fix so they have to charge me. Funny thing is that I had all my Cavity clean too when I did the root canal.

Now they going to tell me that its not the side they fix, and now i have cavity too! when I had it all clean up like 2 month ago. Walk out the office.

I stop paying .

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