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Let me preface this by saying I take good care of my teeth. I brush multiple times daily and floss on a daily basis. Three years ago I had medi-cal and had to go to Western dental for check-ups. I had a cavity and needed to have it filled. Normally, easily done, right? No. I ended up having to go back three separate times because the filling kept coming out the first time a few days after they had filled it. I went to the same office, but went to different dentists each time.

I went to another dentist for x-rays and cleaning about a year and a half later. The new dentist told me they had done such a poor job that now I needed a partial crown. They gave me an estimate of around $600. I went back to Western dental they looked at the tooth and said they could fix the filling for a small fee. They never mentioned I needed to get a crown (they missed that completely).

I called them today and told them I needed to make an appointment for the partial crown. I explained the situation that I had the same tooth filled several times by them and it kept coming out. I have had other cavities filled by another dental office but lost my insurance through my company and had to go to them with the medi-cal. I have never had any problems with the other fillings.

Western dental said they would be willing to do the work, but I would have to pay for the crown an estimate of $600-800. When I told them that it was not fair, if any of the three dentists in their office had done the work right, I never would have needed a crown. She told me when they fill a tooth there is no guarantee it's going to get rid of the cavity. Are you kidding me!!!! What a bunch of incompetent dentists. NEVER GO TO WESTERN DENTAL, MEXICO WOULD BE A BETTER OPTION!!!!

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Reno, Nevada, United States #626014

I also went to WESTERN DENTAL. I was given so much lidocaine I had a seizure in the chair.

Guess what they did? They escorted me to the front door, had me sign something and out I went.

Yes, they pushed me out the door. Talk about unprofessional conduct.


Please file a complaint with their corporate offices. Get what they did to you into their records so they are forced to respond to what happened to you. Especially if you are covered by Medi-Cal.

My 8 yr old twins and I am also victims of this Corporations antics. I urge you to please contact me via email using my username above shesharpshoots at The site will block my email address if I write it out proper.

As a group of people, we are strong. As individuals, we are just unsatisfied individuals. Join me so that we can stop this behavior. Think about all of the people that will come in after you have left. I know that is why you posted here, but contact me so that we can take it to the next level.

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