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the office is filled with ghetto people who dont know what they are doing. once they call you in, they sit you in a room and they dont come back for a loooong time.

they tell you that you need work done on your teeth that you dont even need. i recommend that people get a second opinion before getting any work done by them. i mean, how does a new cavity appear on the same tooth every six months when i brush, floss, and listerine regularly. all they want to do is get you to sign your name on that *** expensive, not worth it payment plan so corporate can bug and nag you all day for payment.

the office lost my down payment and i disputed them for two months, i eventually had to send them my bank statements cuz they clearlly showed that western dental had debted the money out of my account. the people at corporate are so ghetto. its loud in the background and you can hear people playing around, so unprofessional. also, this guy from corporate is gonna tell me that he was setting my account up for automatic payment.

i said, thats rude, you did not ask me for my permission. everyone in corporate does not know what they are doing, each person you talk to give new WRONG very careful handing these people over any money. they will lose it. How the *** does a corp.

company lose a credit card payment. then they will assess late fees on the money they lost and harrass you everyday for the money THEY lost.

run very far from this place, the couple banks you think youre saving isnt even worth all the stress. #awful

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I agree they dont know what they r doing I had root canal done years ago western dental said I had to get a root canal extension I had cavities on the root canal tooth of grand total of over 12,000 dollars I told them just clean my teeth and don't worry about it, because I refuse to sign payment plans for the expense of person just because I did not believe them at all they had me sit in the dentist chair for 2 hours. so I said I ran out ok time rescheduled appointment for this past friday on thursday they called to cancel.

I knew you liked it the dentist eiffel tower I know for a fact that my teeth don't need them procedure that you're saying, so just clean my teeth. and I am still waiting for western "take me to the cleaners" dental to clean my teeth ask your dentist a question she won't answer until she's done with her little sales pitch.

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