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About 5 years ago WD dentist told me he needs to remove my onlay, perform root canal procedure and put a crown. I was sceptical because I did not have any toothache. I waited a while. Whenvisiting my family in Europe I went to a dentist who told me that my canals and onlay are in perfect shape. I thought WD dentist just made a simple mistake. To this day I have no pain in that tooth.

Three years ago I went again to WD for a yearly checkup. Again I was told I need a root canal on another tooth. It was my front tooth and again i did not experienced any pain or discomfort. So, again while in Europe I went to see a trusted dentist who told me that the tooth was perfectly fine. Even the small filling I had in that tooth did not have to be replaced.

WD prays on people who are low income. They need to be stopped. Instead of helping people they rip them off

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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These guys are complete fraud


They are racist and target immigrants. They falsely try to extort money from patients that is not owed.