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One would think that a place that is virtually nothing more than a training ground for dentists would make an effort to provide quality care at affordable prices. Nothing could be further from the truth with these guys. Everything they do is based solely on how much they can fleece you out of.

I went to the local office because it was convenient to my work, while my regular dentist is near my home an hour away. First they make you buy their insurance policy that is supposed to get you their lowest rates. Then they take ex-rays and bring back their plan of attack.

They quoted me three teeth that needed immediate attention. First a root canal, post, and crown that they quoted at 2100.00 dollars which included sending my original crown out to be lengthened. After a little thought I remembered that my home town dentist charges 1800.00 for the same service while including an entirely new crown. They quoted me options that only got completely ridiculous in price.

If I wanted a new crown it was 500 more.

I took a morning off work instead and returned to my regular dentist. He performed the root canal, post, and a new crown for 1800.00 less 15% because I paid cash. So I paid 1530.00 to have far better quality work performed than Western Dental was going to do for 2600.00.

Do yourself a favor and find a regular dentist. Western Dental is a rude and nasty place to do business where your health is concerned.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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