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My wife and I got full top dentures. After 3 times of making them wrong, they got a new denture person in to make them.

He did a great job, they fit perfect. Three years later a single tooth fell out of my denture. I called them to see if I could bring the denture and the tooth to them, to have fixed. They would not do it until I paid $75.00 for xrays.

There was also a charge for glueing in the tooth, they never told me how much.

I did not mind paying for the tooth but was not going to pay for xrays. So they told me to bad.

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #364230

i went in for implants.3.they pulled 4.my implants .was a umper.no inplants.and the rag head asked me dont this look good.i allmost hit him.dont go there they lie.you get to sit for an hour till you see anyone.they get a shoot.then 30 mins or more he cames back.but can you read lips.you can not talk to then.why.they our rag heads.i not not pay my money.(lol)ya it hurt me but hurt then to.

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