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Western Dental is the worst place you can go to get dental work done. I went there in December of 2010 and have nothing but problems with them since.

First their office staff is incompetent. I went in for a tooth that had cracked and was told that I needed a root canal. The day of the procedure, sitting in the chair, all numbed up, they decided they couldn't do the procedure and needed to send me to a specialist. It was going to cost me close to $5,000.00 just to save a bad tooth.

So I told them that they needed to just pull the tooth since it was way in the back and I was not going to pay that much money to save a back molar. They were suppose to call me within a week to set up an appointment to pull the tooth. They never called and I had to call them and had to wait until three weeks later, because I was going out of town and they did not have anyone in the office that could pull the tooth until I came back. So I had to endure the pain for close to a month.

I went back in and had the tooth pulled in January. I made all my payments for the services rendered to me by Western Dental. My last payment was made in November 2011. It is now January 2012 and they are saying that I owe them money and our threatening to send me to collections.

I have spoken to the corporate office, the local office, the collection office and left messages with no call back to the customer relations office about their error and they cant seem to get it corrected. I made payments following my contracted plan and actually overpaid them by $99.00.

The local office even agreed that they owed me the $99.00 but does not seem to be able to get me my refund or correct the problem. Something needs to happen soon, or I will be getting a lawyer.

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Yes, I completely agree. Having the exact same problem. Post some way to contact you or contact me using my user name @ gmail .com

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