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So when my daughter came out and informed me what the Doctor had told her I immediately asked to speak with the Doctor, the Doctor's assistant when asked about the pain medication said that she was given prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics when she left on Saturday, to which I informed her that no she was not, I was the one there waiting in the waiting room for three hours and also the one that went and filled the prescription immediately after. Do yourselves a favor and dont give Western Dental...
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I didn't like
  • Taken advantage of
  • How uncaring they are
My baby girl was only 4 years old and in western dental said she had 1 cavitie in the middle front teeth and they don't talk to you or explain to you what the procedure is going to be about. I said what happening? They said she needs a filling? I don't want silver so he had to put 4 fake little front teeth. Well she got an infection because he did a poorly job! He's the only doctor that travels around Fresno Ca. He's a very rude, unprofessional,...
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I went to Western Dental on Broadway in Chula Vista, had braces put on by Miss Isabel. She was wonderful and made my experience comfortable and well worth the wait. Thanks Miss Isabel ☺.
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if you have to stay with western dental for what ever reason go to roseville office they are much better. ...
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I went to western dental because of the payment plan they seem nice a fair plan but the dentist was awful he was talking the whole time in Spanish to his assistant and that was unbearable also never told me what he was going to do just took out 3 teeth it was the worst experience I have ever had in my life I felt like I was a dog at a veterinarian hospital the second time I went changed dentist she had no idea what was supposed to be done that...
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