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I have always had good teeth, only 1 cavity in my life and that was when I was in my early 20's. I finally got dental insurance and needed 1 tooth to be fixed because there was a tiny part of the tooth near the gum line that was was not causing me any pain or problems, I just figured it should get fixed before I did start to have problems with it.

My xrays showed ZERO cavities, and I was not experiencing any pain or discomfort in any part of my teeth or mouth. The female dentist I saw there claimed I had 10 cavities that needed to be fixed! They said I would need to make an appointment for a second visit to get work done on them, but I knewthey were going to fix that 1 tooth that day. When they handed me the paper to sign to get work done that day, I was under the impression it was only to fix that one tooth...I did not want any fillings put in or work done on the teeth she claimed I had cavities in.

She gave me the numbing shots and started to work on that tooth. My mouth was numb and I could not tell exactly what they were doing in my mouth, but I had trusted and assumed that they were ONLY working on that one tooth. Then I heard drill noises and started to smell that smell of burning tooth...from the drilling....and I got worried. When she was done, and I looked at my mouth, I saw that she had drilled out and filled about 7 of my teeth on one side, both top and bottom, and filled them.

I DID NOT WANT THIS DONE TO MY TEETH! I did not have any pain or problems with those teeth and even though she claimed I had cavities, the xray did not show any and I had no problems, so I WAS NOT planning on having any of them treated and filled.,,it seemed very unnecessary to me. Ever since then, and it has been a few months now, I have constant daily pain and discomfort in that entire side of my mouth, both top and bottom. I cannot let anything cold or hot touch anywhere on that side of my mouth without extreme pain!

My tongue and inner cheek on that side of my mouth is constantly partially numb and tingly feeling and my sense of taste is barely there anymore. At the end of the appointment that day, she was acting kind of odd and was looking around a lot like she didn't want anyone or someone else to notice what was going on and she very quickly and roughly shoved her finger in my mouth with some very nasty thick and sticky goopy stuff in my mouth. I had no clue what it was or why she did that and what I was supposed to do..was I supposed to swallow it, spit it out, I did not know and was very disturbed by it. It even disturbed and confused my 9 year old daughter who saw it all.

When I asked her what it was, she said it was fluoride. When I asked her what I'm supposed to do, she said to grab the thing that sucked stuff up and to put it in my mouth and suck the stuff out. First off, my mouth was super dry from the dental work just done, second, it was so thick and sticky that it was like I had a chewed up piece of caramel in my mouth and using the dry sucker thing to get it out was a difficult and messy process and it did not work....and I WAS THE ONE WHO HAD TO PICK UP THE EQUIPMENT AND DO IT....While she was standing there looking like she was the lookout person for someone who was committing a crime. I will never forget the look on her face.

I never went back in for the other appointment to have them fill supposed cavities on the other side of my mouth.

I am so glad I didn't too, because if I had, I wouldn't be able to eat at all and would have pain and discomfort on both sides instead of just my right side. I will NEVER be able to get the teeth back that she destroyed, and she filled and destroyed every single tooth on my right side, both top and bottom.

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