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I went to the Western Dental on Main Street in Ventura, CA asking for a cleaning and any needed fillings. I had just received MEDI-CAL DENTAL through ObamaCare and needed basic preventative dentistry. The office was empty of clients in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. Now I know why. I was put through the requisite X-rays in a very dark and dingy seeming office. I've never been to such a depressing dental office in my 53 years of life. Nobody was warm. Nobody was welcoming.

The doctor appeared very tired and disheveled. She rapidly went through my mouth barking out what was wrong with each of my teeth even though I have had no report of problems as soon ago as 9 months and have had regular dental care. When I was able to ask questions about her findings (how dare I), she asked me why I didn't just go back to my former dentist. I found her dental care and bedside manner very poor and unprofessional. As she RAN out of the room, she said someone in the office would call me back about what my insurance would cover and to set up a followup appointment. THEY NEVER DID. I have found a MUCH BETTER DENTIST with whom I feel I am getting excellent dental care from.

Do yourself a favor and DON'T go to Western Dental despite the commmercials they bombard us with. WHAT A SCAM!!

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #831500

You did the right thing to leave. Corporate chain dental clinics generally do not provide good service.

Television ads indicate high patient turnover. Usually it is for a reason. The biggest reason is these clinics take highly-indebted young dentists, make them work low-paying dental plans, which forces them to see so many patients that they are exhausted and get burned out.

Sorry to tell you, but the Obamacare dental plans I've examined are miserable.

Medi-Cal Dental is a joke of low reimbursements. You will have a hard time finding a decent dentist who works for the ridiculously low fees on these plans.

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