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I had an appointment with Western Dental today August 22, 2016 with Dr. knapp at the Santa Barbara office in CA for my 3 year old Daughter to get her cavity filled we had an appointment at 11:30am and had to keep asking when to be seen and finally they got us in at 2pm, UNBELIEVEABLE HORRIBLE SERVICE!

That was the Start of what was to become the worst expierence at a business I have ever had! The Dr walks in and sees my daughter has a small cut under her eye and says she cannot do the procedure and walks out. Are you kidding me we just got done waiting 2 1/2 hours to have some Wannabe Dr. Say she can't do anything!

She was so Disrespectful she wouldn't even tell me or my Girl friend the reason she couldn't work on our daughter. I had to find out from an assistant it was a liability because of the mask she had to wear for the gas it could make the cut worse so I was fine with that and asked if she could still get her cleaning because we waited a long time and told them she had an appt a week prior for a cleaning and Dr Somni told us to get the cavity filled and the cleaning all in the same day. They said they would see what they could do and the assistant said Dr. Knapp can see her in 2-4 weeks when her injury heals to do the procedure, So I walk out and ask to speak with Dr.

Knapp face to face and she's yelling across the hall I do not want to work with your daughter EVER and said to find another Dentist and that even after she heals she doesn't feel comfortable. I was totally insulted by her remarks and told her what is your problem and why is she being rude and discriminating to my daughter for no reason. She will not give no reason why she can't see her in the future and says if I don't stop arguing she's going to call the cops for disturbing the Peace!! Well you no what I'm glad I have an attorney because we are going to see who's disturbing the peace.

Dr Knapp is no Dr. She is a disgrace to Dentists and The Western Dental corperation she should be fired. We were told from the supervisor there Yadira to make an appt at thier Oxnard location and we find out Dr Knapp is the only child dentist there to do the procedure so they told us we have to find another company because Dr Knapp doesn't want to work on my daughter in the future even after her cut heals. IM GOING TO SUE ALL OF YOU, you think it's funny Discrimnating against a child for something that happend by accident.

My daughter loved that place and the assistants that cleaned her teeth in the past but Dr. Knapp should of thought before she rejected us and whoever reads this message can call the Goleta office on Calle Real Santa Barbara County CA there were plenty of witnesses that saw everything and how she treated us. Dr. Knapp had no Respect to even let us understand why she had a problem she left the whole dam building she must have just wanted to go on her lunch break, but it shows you what kind of people Western Dental hires.

And for the teeth cleaning for my daughter they just kept giving us the run around like well ummmm we need to see if we have any dentists or assistants to clean my daughters teeth and we are really busy and after that I said forget it and give me a number I can call. I'm so disgusted my girlfriend couldn't stop crying in the disgraceful little office they had us sitting in. I have a lot to say but I'm not going to write a book on here. I was given a patient relations number to call about this incident but who knows if those people even care what happend.

After today I have read tons of reviews and messages about how Unprofrssional and Discrimnating Dr Knapp is and she is still working there! Who ever is in charge of hiring dentists For Western Dental needs to get up off behind thier desk and do your job and something about her because I guarantee you she is going to make Your Business a Disaster!

My name is Daniel and my Daughter who Western Dental rejected is Denise. If anyone from the company wants to contact me my Email is

I also want to let you no that I have contacted an attorney for this incident and do not have a problem moving forward in a case because this is Unacceptable and a Disgrace.

I would appreciate it if someone can contact me and we can talk over phone or in Person!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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