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I started my treatment at Western Dental in Visalia, CA in 2004. I purely went to them due to convienence with hours and being down the street from where I worked at.

That was the biggest mistake I made. I should have did some investigating before allowing them to put braces on me. I was concerned with a spread in my upper two front teeth this is what prompted me to see and orthodontist. I was told I would have to have braces on from 18-24 months.

I started my treatment and was told I had to either have surgery on my lower jaw or they would put a metal piece at the roof of my mouth for a few months to re-shape the upper jaw line to fit the bottom. To say the least I had the piece in for over a year due to the fact I seen 3 different orthodontist by this time and apparently they do not pay attention to what the prior doctor has done. Each orthodontist had a different way of treating my teeth.I started to notice my teeth hurting a lot, I was told it was due to the brace moving my teeth. 2 years later and being seen by an additional 3 other orthodontist at the same office and my braces still on I started to notice pain in my upper teeth and very sensitive to hot and cold.

I was so concerned by this time, i seek a second and third opinion by two different orthodontist in my area. I was told that my upper jaw line was over corrected severly that i now need peridonical work to fix my roots that have prutruted out of my upper jaw. If i don't get the peridonical work done i can loose my teeth. I had him write a letter and I gave it to Western dental.

I also called the corporate office and got no help there. They made it seem like it was all my fault for miss a few appointments. I tried to explain to them that I would physicaly get sick going to the office for my care due to the horrible wait time and the bad attitudes form the employees not to mention the unknown of who the orthodontist would be that day. They are very rude and unprofessional group they are not out to help patients and give quality care, its about turning the chain and making money...I can't believe they are able to practice still with such a bad reputation.Needless to say I now longer get care from Western Dental and I am seeking compensation for the damage they have caused to my teeth and my mouth..

If any thing i would suggest you do your research before you see any type of orthodontist or dental facility.

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

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Western dental is the worse they tell me to wait 6 weeks for my X-rays and when I did they made me wait a month I regret going there during that time I could've gotten my braces by then


I wnet to Western Dental in Visalia as well and they nummed my mouth then went to pull teeth from another woman. I heard her yell because she wasn't there for that, she was there for a cleaning.

She was crying because she had to get her little kid from school. They had to finish the tooth and poor woman didn't know what to do. When they came back to my mouth, he didn't change his gloves from her so I handed him gloves. when he started to work, I informed him I felt it!

He said it was "pressure." I told him I know pressure and I know pain!

I had been waiting 40 minutes from when they nummed me I knew it had worn off a little. I got up and left and never went back!


i go to the one also in visalia across from COS. they are very unprofessional, they removed my wisdom teeth.

this surgeon that came from i dont know where wasnt wearing that thing to cover her mouth as she began to perform surgery , she spit in my mouth as she talked. i couldn't speak since i was too numb, it made me gag (literally).

about a month ago they filled in a cavity and now my tooth is jacked up its super sensitive to the point i cant even chew on that side without feeling a shocking discomfort. DON'T GO THERE!


I went to Western Dental in Tucson, ..Pantano/Broadway Rd...My appointment was for 9:30,wasn't seen to 10:15,took my blood pressure,said "It Is Too high" for cleaning,took me to another room,waited 30mn,seen by a "Dentist",waited 30mn,waited some more,now its close to 12:30,took 25 xrays,...I request to be seen ASAP,this admin woman was insulted by my request,I got up to leave,turned around to get my things,she barred my exit,had to push her to get my things....she had me arrested for ASSAULT!...AVOID WESTERN DENTAL!!!!


Oh God I wish I read your Comments. "Western Dental" Oh My GOD they are a Billion Times Unprofessional, Rude Poor Communication Skills, Don't know how to treat their Guest More than that like you said they have really bad attitudes and thinking like they are giving a free service.I am so suprised they even run Business like this all of my friends have the same problem I have experience.

What Suprised me the most is that Every Where you go They all had the same bad attitudes and Really unProfessional I will never going to that place again, I am so lucky I am out before they damage my tooths. " I am sorry guys to have such a bad experience like me.


Under statute of limitations for a medical malpractice suite you only have one year to file a law suite from the time you first noticed damage. You must have documentation of when you started treatment who did the work on your teeth.

As far as my problem I still have not heard from Western dental I have called there corporate office 2 times and have not received a call back. but I figured that would happen since they are very unprofessional company.


I am pissed at a very unprofessional dentist at allcare dental. He cracked my tooth and first said he will fix it at no cost then at my appointment 10days later (im in pain now mind u) he sends me the the managers office and the manager tells me it will cost 1900.00!!!

I couldnt believe they wanted me to pay for something that the dentist did.

I want to seek counsel as well. How is that going for u?

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