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I have been on a constant fight with this company since DEC 2010. when I first came to the company I had 2 dental insurance coverage. I wanted to try western dental but was concerned that i would have to pay fees on awaiting my insurance to pay and before i even signed the contract i showed my concerns with the manager in chandler, AZ she assured me that would not charge me anything until all my insurance had paid all my dues. usually when i have dental work done i would get a statement from my dental coverage the next week about what they would cover.It never came months went by and very soon after i started getting bills from western dental my insurance never covered after Me doing billings job and investigating I found out that all was missing was one digit from my insurance id number. I immediately call western dental and let them know OK well we will email corporate and let you know. More time goes by and yes I get a couple bills paid but also with work i had done on there days got denied. I called so many times for answers I get sent back and fourth from corporate to the dental office in chandler , AZ off Arizona and Elliot. finally again after doing my own investigations billings job again i find out that they had wrong provider information on submissions and if i had just waited on them through this whole time nothing would have been done. I'm being held liable for payment getting accrued late fees as well in the mean time western dental taking there sweet time just fixing that simple problem. so many calls always being thrown back and fourth to corporate a build up of 400 dollars in late fees i get another denial from my insurance saying that billing has exceeded the amount of time for them to cover and the denied me. so now my insurance wont cover because of there failure of billing not doing there job in a correct timely manner not only that now i am being held liable for another 400 more dollars because of late fees total of 1400.I should have never paid because billing are the ones who did not do there job. I make a complaint and I'm told that I have not lived up to my end by paying on the times i should have paid which i should have only paid co pays but because of billing messing up all the time was expected to pay full on what my insurance should have covered in the first place but will not cover because of western dental mistakes. I called,

Jessica Alvarez

Inquiry Response Unit

Quality Management Department

p.800-992-3366, ext 24001

f. 714-571-3689

and all I got was a rude woman who did not care to listen to me who placed full blame on me and not only that but hung up on me when I got upset because she did not care to hear my story. basically Western Dental does not CARE as long as the hook you into that contract. They take advantage of people who can't afford coverage and mess up people who have coverage so they still end up paying a grip of money out of pocket anyway. do not trust them! stay far away and don't recommend anyone else to go there as well. They ARE THIEVES!

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I need to talk to you immediately. I can help you make all of this go away. I have also talked with Jessica. BTW I would recommend that any further communications with this company be done via mail (us or email). Jessica's email address is and yes, I have also had the displeasure of speaking with her. You could also contact the legal department for Western Dental at the following addresses

all calls are recorded which means that you can also do the same and I would suggest that you do. I have many other ways to help you. Could you please contact me using my username above to send email to my address. Actually, anyone that is having problems with this Corporation should give me a call as my family is also victims of this corporation. again that's

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