These people are crooks!! Apparently they have been investigated (and offices raided) by the FBI for insurance fraud, and they are famous for over charging their patients and harrassing them.

My husband went to them and had some work done. The work itself was fine, BUT after he set up a payment plan with them to be charged to his credit card, they keep billing his card every month and he pays it every month, but they call him (and me) every week sometimes several times a week saying that his card has been declined, yet the charges show up on his credit card statement. They have been rude and even hung up the phone several times on him when he has tried to work the situation out with them. They even started calling me trying to find him because he now refuses their phone calls.

I told them not to call me again because they are not authorized to call my number, and if they keep harrasing us and don't sort the situation out on their own, I will be filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs, and the California District Attorneys office. If neccesary I will also contact the phone company and file a complaint for harrassment. I also told them that I am well aware of their business practices and that they have been investigated by the FBI for fraud.

Hopefully they will stop calling and get it together. If not I will be seeking legal action.

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