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My husband went to Western Dental and almost killed my husband by their supremely bad practices. I told them repeatedly that he has calcium on a heart valve and that infection would be deadly, any dentist should already KNOW this. If infection reaches his heart he could be dead within less than 24 hours. So anyways, they found he needed 8 fillings and 2 teeth pulled. They did ALL of the work in just one sitting, which left him with a fever for several days. He went back for his checkup, was supposed to see the actual dentist, but the only person who checked him out was the tech who did the X-Rays. To this day they have called us liars about this. At that time we told them that his tooth was hurting, he was told everything was fine. Long story short he missed a lot of work, plus had to work in severe pain, and had to make visit after visit trying to get them to find what was wrong. They never did. This went on for over 3 weeks. By the way, did I mention that the dentist spoke only Spanish and not one word of English? He had to have everything translated! Gee, I wonder if THAT had anything to do with him never finding what was wrong? In the end my husband went to another dentist who took him on Christmas morning. He had a dry socket! Plus the dentist said that the 'bad' dentist cut out to much bone and had opened a passage through his nostril. It was horrible! Of course they have called us non stop for the balance, a little over $200. which we refuse to pay, we did have to pay for another dentist after all. We will be taking them to court, for what we've paid to the new dentist plus pain and suffering. It's time Western Dental paid for their actions and aren't allowed to get away with such shoddy business and healthcare practices.

If anyone wants to know which office this was, it was the El Centro, CA office.

Review about: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

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I had similar situation as you. They did very bad practice or mal-practice on filling my tooth, which caused substantial pain to me over 6 months.

I am also planning to take them to the court. I would like to see how your situatioin has gone.

Are you okay to share your experience with me? Thanks


I am so glad you have the courage to take them to court, someone needs to stop them. I hope your husband is doing better now,

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