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The Department of Managed Care fined Western 1.1 million for unnecessary/negligent dentistry.

An attorney sued Western app. 90 x for negligent dentistry and had jury verdicts, judge decisions, arbitration decisions against Western. They settles mostly out of court. Small Claims court is another option, with $ 7,500 maximum, no attorney fees.

Consult with another dentist, particularly prosthodontists. Check American College of Prosthodontists for a prosthodontist near you. Complain to the Department of Managed Care, who regulates Western. They require you file a written grievance against W.D, which W.D may white wash. Submit a report to the Department of Managed Care from a 2nd opinion dentist showing unnecessary/negligent dentistry. Only if sufficient patients complain, will the Department of Managed Care investigate.

For RCT problems, consult an endodontist. Refwerrals: 1-800-USA-ENDO.

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Went for denture repair, they try to sell me a new denture. Then attempt to force me to sign a contract for the balance for payments that did not have correct contract language or dates even before the work was done.

Office manager told me that no one patient had the right to question Western Dental and that they consider all questions as hostile and think people that ask questions are not a good "fit" for their contract. They became upset when I would not hand over my debit card and refused to acknowledge any questions I had. When they referred me to customer service, they also refused to answer questions. The finance manager then told me to leave as I was asking to many questions.

When I told them I was within my right to ask questions about my own health care, and to expect answers, they refused to answer me. They send you in a room with a person who is not educated on their procedures and only has a basic amount of speech designed for the subject at hand. I find WD very suspicious and feel people that sign these contracts are at risk for losing a lot more money then is on the contract.

I am glad I left with it in hand and did not sign. I would be very careful when dealing with payments with their offices.


Western dental should be investigated for their discriminatory hiring practices. I found the managers to be rude, the receptionist were discussing another man's personal business while I waited to be acknowledged.

My service at their offices have been to say the least BAD. They schedule your appointment and make you wait 2-3 hours and you might get treatment. They target the spanish community and give them substandard treatment.

Even the employees go to other dentists. No marketing dollars are spent to attract african americans.


I also went to western dental in Nov. 2009.

I was still dealing with them until last week when the department of managed care asked them to audit my account which i knew was zero. I had only gone to their office once. I only owned them 507.00, but they put the est of 1908.00 on my credit card. I asked for it back, and they said it would take two weeks. I put a dispute on

my credit card. They returned the 1400.00 after 33 days. They credit card company took the money back on the 30 day and then debited my card back after they returned the money. Did not

hear from them until May 2010, they said i owned them 3308.00. Called them to find out what they were doing.

They are nasty people (Fraud). It was just

last week when The Managed care pulled an audit. Western Dental tried to make all kinds of reason why my account had a balance of 3308. But at the end of the day

Western Dental told them that my account is zero. I will be writing a registered letter to them stating that Managed care stated that my balance is zero. I want a statment from them and my account closed and the HMO membership they stated was required, canceled. My bank is sending a letter to them stating that they have been

paid, they lyed to the bank too. This company should not be in business. Billing Fraud, do not go there.


Before any root canal make sure that the dentist is NOT using a formaldehyde based material. Also before allowing any dentist to do work on your child's teeth ask if there is formaldehyde in it.

Search google for Sargenti Opposition Society for a website started by two permanently and severely injured patients who had formaldehyde root canals.

The theory is that no endodontist would use this, only less than ethical general dentists..but I wouldn't bank on that. These dentists won't tell you so you better ask.

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