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I have 8 yr old twins. I took all 3 of my children in for a simple cleaning. But Western Dental insisted that twin 1 had to have her top tooth pulled because it was stopping growth of adult tooth. They then cleaned all my kids teeth. Healthy Families covered entire cost. I also had some work done and over paid becaue of them. Twin #2 was referred to ortho. Ortho said twin #2 also needed teeth pulled for exact same reason. But this time, instea| of 1 tooth, this twin required 4 teeth.

I did everything to insure that these extractions were also covered. It wasn't until after the procedure was complete that I was then presented with a bill for $660.00??? How could the same procedure for the exact same reason be covered for one twin but not the second??

I had no choice but to sign contract and fight later. I then requested that the credit of almost $200.00 that they owed me be used as down payment. At first they refused, but then complied. But I still had to pay $7.00 extra that day. While standing at that counter feeling like I was being bent over, I reached into my purse and pressed record on my handy dandy USB recorder and got every word and lie documented.

Same day, I called to complain to corp. Gabby told me to submit my complaint in writing to complaint and issues were very extensive. I knew this was going to go nowhere.

So the next day I called the location to request copies of our dental records. (The twins and mine). The next day, Corporate drafted and mailed me a Termination of Care Notice for my twins (one of which is in the middle of getting extensive care) and myself. That is called patient abandonment and now breech of contract.

Furthermore, they never applied the credit to the extraxtion contract so now I am getting hounded multiple timed daily from the collections department for money they owe me. Plus they keep hounding me to make a appointment for my daughters braces when they have terminated her care.

Welcome to my nightmare!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Braces.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Anaheim, California, United States #767404

This "shesharpshoots" is Xtremely litigious and delusional. Aside from her complaint(s) against WD, she has filed lawsuits against Capital One Bank, AND Loma Linda Hospital for wrongful death (both cases were dismissed).

This "shesharpshoots" has also admitted to illegally recording conversations using a hidden USB recorder.

She has also filed false police complaints against gossip commenters, stating these commenters hired a hitman to kill her. "Shesharpshoots" is a very bad shot; not a sharpshooter, and belongs in a mental institution.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #728712

Did you look at the EOB to see why the second child's extraction was denied? It will tell you right on it. That has nothing to do with the provider they submit the information and the insurance company processes it. It could be one is considered cosmetic and the other medically necessary. All it may need is recoding if that's the case and indeed it was medically necessary.

As for the termination of care, did they provide a number or name of another dentist willing to take on the childrens care? If so that's all they legally must do. They can terminate a patient under current care if they set them up with another doctor. Also note the patient must be under current care, just being a patient doesn't qualify for protection - one must be getting active treatment from them.

Bottom line it sounds like you're mad at the doctors office because your insurance won't pay, and because they terminated your twins as patients after getting a nasty letter from the parent. The fact you call it child abuse, and provide nothing to support that claim (having a tooth removed hurts, but it's not abuse) lends credence to them terminating coverage. The only thing you might have a gripe about is the payment not being applied to your childs account, but with the overblown nature of the rest of your statement I highly suspect we're not getting all the information.

to caffeyw #728805

If any part of the procedures you listed above were followed including but not limited to providing care as per the insurance providers EOB, provided a termination letter that provided the proper information, didn't charge patients a outrageous flat fee to obtain Orthodontic records ($150.00 for 15 sheets of photo copy paper), I suppose Western Dental wouldn't be where they are today.

There is so much more that I can't yet talk about. But make no mistake, that day is coming. All I will say is you go team Government.

to WDAdvocate #729603

This is a nasty, vindictive post. They can charge what they want for records.

If you don't like it, go elsewhere. Why don't you just post with your shesharpshoots profile TROLL? They will take you to the cleaners for this.

And they have every right to. Pay for the service, or don't have it done and then try to scam your way out of it.

to caffeyw #728860

Exactly. Sounds like she wanted care that was not covered by her government funded insurance, illegally recorded people without their knowledge.

(Federal crime) had the care done anyway and then decided not to pay the bill and rather create problems for the dentist in hopes that she could get out of paying but it doesn't seem to be working out. The other complaint in this profile is attempting to blame Citibank for not making sure her bills were electronically paid. She failed to pay her bill for three months and blames Citibank for changing their system. (Their right) it's the individuals responsibility to make sure their bills are paid.

People like this clog down the system and.

cost the government millions. Delusional fantasies to the extreme (child abuse?) to avoid paying bills and being honest.


Because giving a child a shot at the dentist is "child abuse" ignorance. And you do have a choice not to sign a contract.

Healthy families IS a welfare supported program.

You are completely delusional.

Pay your bill.

to Anonymous Perris, California, United States #728302

You also cant read. The injection was not the abuse..

do you get paid by the post or by the word.

to WDAdvocate #728628

Checked it again, still don't see the "child abuse" however I did notice that she recorded people without their knowledge which is a federal crime.

to Anonymous Perris, California, United States #728701

she didn't record anyone without their knowledge. They knew they were being recorded.

Because that's the first thing WD says to you.

"all calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes" That's why she will never be prosecuted. WD had no expectation of privacy.

But good luck with that

to WDAdvocate #728777

It's said USB recorder in her purse. Reading comprehension 101.

Not a paid troll, just a person with common sense that pays their bills. You should try it sometime.


You never knew anything about your so called insurance if your complaining here, unnecessary and complete example of people blaming others for you're own lack of education. Being on healthy families my self at one point it is a welfare program and welfare doesn't pay for cosmetic proceeres.

If one kid needed teeth pulled because of conditions that were affecting dental health it would be covered. If extractions for braces was recommended to open up room to straighten teeth that's cosmetic. I know, I had eight pulled myself. Again another person complaining because of their own lack of knowledge.

Paying 7 dollars a month doesn't qualify for an actual insurances who do you think was funding it?

Your 84 dollars a year contribution? Glad I only had it for 4 months I would never want to be associated with the types of people who were and are on it.

to Anonymous Perris, California, United States #728300

You are nothing more than a troll that's being over paid to come here and be insulting. Example#1.

interesting, you said "you were on healthy families" so you are a child? The healthy families is a program for CHILDREN.

Example #2. Now, you may have been on welfare.

But she has not As this program is not connected to any welfare program. if you're going to come here with the intention of insulting people. I would suggest educating yourself first.

Nice try Troll. :grin


Ah... going through their binding arbatration will do nothing. Trust me!


You should really get a lawyer and sue they screw to many :?


When you perform a unnecessary & painful procedure on a child requiring a needle to be inserted into the gums. That is called child abuse.

My daughter screamed out in pain.

Keep reading the compaints. One child had 9 teeth pulled in one sitting.


So how were the children abused?

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357565

Healthy families is health insurance that is paid via premiums every month and it is paid for by me, Not the State. You both have confused this program with the indigent California Medi-Cal program.

Furtermore, I point isn't only what type of insurance you have as I have read complaints here about double billing both the patient and the insurance to collect twice

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357563

Healthy Families is not welfare. That program would be called Medical.

Second of all I have twin girls and a 13 year old boy. And the services to which I refer to above came out of my pocket including the cost of the health care that my children receive.

Please educate yourself on the difference between welfare programs before assuming. Nice try at the trolling job though.

Too bad they hired a $8.00 per man hour person to do a $9.00 per blog trolling. post

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357289

If I am not mistaken, Healthy Families is a welfare program. You have the gall to complain when you are on the dole and getting dental services paid by honest taxpayers like myself.

When you can support yourself and pay your own way, you can then complain. Until then, be happy with what you got.

to nikalseyn #722806

you are mistaken. and healthy families is paid for by the parent. Troll

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