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My son:

About 2 years ago my son had a cavity covered with a filling at Western Dental Santa Cruz office. Covered? Yes I meant covered. Last week, that same tooth cracked away. (My kids have already had their dental care transferred from Western Dental to another dentist.) Per the new dentist, Western Dental did not drill out the cavity. Instead they covered it with a filling which allowed the cavity to further decay the tooth leading to the tooth to crack away.

My daughter:

My daughter has had her braces for 4 years now. I do not know how many more years we have to go. During the 4 years, she has had 9 Orthodontics in the Western Dental Santa Cruz office. The care plan and clinical notes must be poorly written because each new Dr. isn't aware of the care plan. The front staff does not allow the parent to go back to the chair to discuss the plan with each new Dr. I have had to demand to go to the chair with my daughter to ensure there isn't a new Dr that doesn't know the plan.

3 years ago we were referred to an oral surgeon for a cast and bond procedure, which is when they open the gum line to attach a chain to the embedded teeth to assist the adult teeth to come down. At the next Ortho appt the Ortho assistant who attaches the wires or/and bands to the braces asked my daughter if they were decorations.

After each visit my daughter complains about the person who puts the bands on her braces. This person has been coughing during every visit and often removes the mask to cough. My daughter said she coughs on her face while her mouth is open.

We have never missed an appt. Just before her appts I receive 4 email reminders, 2 phone call reminders, and a text message to remind me of the upcoming appt. (This is practically harassing.) Yesterday, when we arrived to the appt, we have yet to meet number 10 Orthodontist. I was told we had to reschedule the appt once she got to the chair. My daughter was supposed to have her "casting" arrive. Apparently, it didn't arrive. It would have been considerate if they had called me ahead of time to reschedule.

I insisted to speak with the new Dr to ask why we are rescheduling, why her front teeth and canines are protruding outward, and what are the wires doing, and how will this be corrected. He stated he wasn't comfortable with doing anything with her mouth until the casting arrives. He spoke with the staff to find out why the casting hasn't arrived (it has been a month). Then he kindly escorted us to the front staff to get her rescheduled for as soon as the casting arrives. I asked the Ortho scheduling staff how long will it be and was told about 3 weeks. They will call me when it comes in to get her scheduled. I have no future appt.

I feel I have met my obligations of my signed contract. I would like to cancel the contract. I have been more than patient with Western Dental and their unprofessional staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Braces.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I request to be free of my contract and held harmless to any more payments..

Western Dental Cons: Turnover of staff.

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