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They lost my partial and now are tring to say i took it with me when i left. I left my partial to have a tooth added to it on 12/21.

i arrived for my appt. on 12/28 and was told they didn't have the partial, that i had taken it with me. When i asked why i wasn't called i was told they tried all the numbers listed in my chart but they were all disconected. (another lie).

When i went in on the 21st the x-ray clearly showed and infection, but i was not given anything for this. For over 10 days i suffered in extream pain only to arrive on the 28th to the office manager (Serigo) saying to me there is nothing we can do for you. the next day my son drove me 75 miles to be seen for an emergency appt. The dentist took one x-ray and told me the pain was being caused my the infection and wrote me a perscription for an antibiotic.

I am now out $1200.00 for the partial plue the $200.00 i paid to do the work. This is just one incident with them. Every time i have gone to them they have screwed something up. The time before this a bone fragment was left in they pulled my tooth.

For three weeks i tried to get them to look at it. On the thrid week the bone came through the skin and now they had no choice but to admit there was something wrong. For three weeks they left me in pain with puss ozing from the wound. What is wrong with these people?

Is there not oversite for clinics like these. Don't ever go to Western Dental they are butchers.

Review about: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #597050

Have you filed a formal grievance with Western dental corporate yet. You may file by phone, mail or my recommendation would be through the website because it will send you a confirmation.

Print your complaint before pressing send. Wd will have 30 days to respond to you in writing. If you do t like their response, then file a complaint with the Ca. DEPT OF MANAGED HEALTH CARE.

You do have resources.

If you need further assistance, I would be happy to assist.

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