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Let me Just say that this company only cares about numbers! The Dr's are forced to diagnose the most expensive treatment even if you dont need it, to meet their" monthly goals".

They try to use U.P.E (ultimate patient experience) as a tool to sell treatment to patients. They treat their employees horribly and they don't believe in giving you a raise once you are promoted to a new position.

They only care about the $. The managers are forces as well to meet their monthly goal otherwise they would not get a good paycheck, Review before you go to western dental!

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Fairfield, California, United States #957999

You are so correct. I was a pstient for almot 20 yrs first and then an employee.

I hated them as much before as I do now.

They do treat employees like ***, say one thing and do the opposite. Get everything in writing before anything new takes place.


This is all true.They keep bringing in new management that knows nothing about good customer service. They are like a sweatshop, hidden by a nice building called corporate.

The only "good employees" are the ones who can lie through their teeth and feel no regret in misleading poor people who are calling hoping to get some help. Trust me when i say working for them is not any better than getting work done by them.

Stay away from them, they want nothing but your $$$. Don't be fooled


I so wish I would have checked out this company before subjecting my poor son to this fraudulent company

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